Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of June?! Really??!!

I can't believe it is the end of June already!  That means Christmas in July is coming!  In July QVC always starts selling stuff for Christmas.  So, on July 23rd the big Christmas in July sales begin.  I know that stores are already preparing for Christmas.  How close are you to starting your Christmas shopping?  My little man has already started his Christmas list.  Well, we have started it for him, simply because he is into this "I want" mode right now.  Today he clarified to me that Christmas is too far away.  He really wants a stuffed T-Rex from Toy Story and I told him that we would put it on his Christmas list...well, that wasn't necessarily the thing he wanted to hear.  Oh well, he will like it when he gets it.  Whether it is in 5 months or 12.  So....don't forget...get your lists started.  Start thinking about Christmas cards, pictures, etc.  The most enjoyable thing for me is that Elijah asked me to tell him the Christmas story tonight about Jesus being born!  Yay!!!  Jesus' birthday (which, BTW, may be closer to this time of year than December).  Anyhow....moving on :-)

Elijah is 4.  Hard to believe.  Along with him being 4 comes the fact that I have to realize that he is really, truly, growing up.  He has become so manipulative, strong headed, loving, caring, manipulative, bull headed...oh, did I repeat those?  LOL.  You get the idea.  He is so sweet, but there are days that things just break you down.  Last week, I was on my way to Bible study & Eli was going to the childcare they, on our way there I was explaining what I expect of him.  I talked to him about respecting the teachers & other kids, etc.  When we got there & we were walking in, I started again to explain to him what I expected...I started, "Now, remember Eli..."  He quickly cut me off & just said..."Mommy, I know.  I already heard you."  I chuckled.  So, I'm a little over the top.  At least I know he was listening.  :-)

Speaking of my Bible study, I must tell you that I am really learning.  I am so blessed to be in a class with many mom's of all different ages & to be able to listen to them & get help with my issues.  We are going through the book by Dr. Kevin Leman..."Have a New Kid by Friday."  I am hoping to be able to learn from this for many years to come.  This is something that I have always wanted to be able to be a part of & now I can.  I am so excited about it too!!!!

Elijah has been enjoying life, however, since his birthday (June 20) he has been thinking that EVERY day since then is his birthday!  That's cute & all, but really, he thinks that he should be receiving a birthday gift everyday.  I'm hoping the feeling comes to an end soon.  He has asked me a couple times why so & so hasn't given him a gift.  I am trying to teach him that not everyone needs to give him a gift.  I explained that Mommy & Daddy are the main ones that will give him birthday gifts.  Hmmm...that didn't settle it.  So, last night the teacher at church asked me if it was Eli's birthday.  He had her believing that yesterday was his birthday.  Oh my.  I guess acting is being added to his personality.  Such a precious little man.  Hopefully when we celebrate Daddy's birthday in July he will realize that his has ended. 

Elijah is all done with swimming lessons for this year.  Honestly, he wasn't real receptive.  He didn't want to listen to instruction.  He wanted to do what he wanted to do.  He is swimming a little, but not correctly.  He still wants to play soccer & I am hoping that this will help him learn how to be a team player & listen to instructions.  That is my prayer anyhow.  He really is enjoying the pool time this year.  He always wants to be with other kids & he is enjoying going under water for toys.  The exercise is good for him & with the weather being so hot he really loves being in the water.  Today, while we were coming back from the pool he made my heart melt.  Elijah started singing, "Jesus loves the little children..."  I was so proud, so I joined in with him & we sang the whole way walking home.  Sweet, sweet time!

Dan is on vacation all week next week!  woo hoo!!!  So, starting this Sunday we will have Daddy for a full week.  We have plans to have a good time!  I'm sure I will blog about our experiences.

Vacation Bible Experience (School) at our church was last week.  I participated this year & this was my first EVER VBS/X.  I taught a class of 3rd & 4th grade boys.  I will admit I was a little nervous for the week, but it ended up being a fantastic week!  I had so much fun & the boys were so sweet.  The week lessons were on Forgiveness & I learned just as much, if not more, than them!  I am thankful I had that opportunity.

Going to the sister's go to the beach together every year.  They have always invited me to go, but due to various reasons, vacation time, personal issues, etc...I haven't gone.  Well, this year, I'm going!  Just me.  It's going to be A LOT of driving as I will be driving to PA & then to NC & back to PA & then back home to TX, but I'm sure we will have tons of fun.  Woo hoo!!!!!  Sister time.  Looking forward to it. :-)

One final thing...ever notice how we procrastinate the stuff we shouldn't?  I am so bad about this.  I am having some health issues & I need to have more blood work.  Have I had it done yet?  Nope.  I THINK I am going to have a 2nd opinion, but have I looked up the Dr yet?  NOPE.  So...I tell you this to ask this, pray that I STOP procrastinating.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful week.  Until next time...our journey continues....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Real You

So, lately I've been doing a LOT of thinking.  One of the items I have been thinking about is something that I have struggled with for quite a long time.  Wanting everyone to like me.  Truth is, not everyone is going to.  Truth is, I'm really not sure I want everyone to.  However, there is a part of me that is still living in my childhood and all I want to do is fit in.  No matter how that happens.  I think if we are honest with ourselves we would all agree that we all want that, or at least most of us do.  Prior to our move here to Texas I had finally become comfortable with who I was.  When we moved I realized I would enter that "childhood" fear again.  I had to force myself to be real.  I was committed to allowing me to be me, no matter how difficult.  You see, by nature, I am a peace maker.  I always want people to like one another.  One of the best things I have enjoyed is that I can be friends with anyone, and I have be blessed with some AMAZING friends.  Everyone won't always like me. That is true. Sorry for them.  I am me.  Take me or leave me.  I hope you all can be you.  Don't allow the temptation of being someone who you aren't in order to have someone like you.  It is easy to do.  We want someone to like us so much that we try to adapt to what we "think" they would like.  Sometimes we try too hard.  We can't do it.  I won't do it.  I am the real me. has been busy.  We had visitors & had a fantastic time!  Dan was home for several weeks straight, but is now back to the traveling life. Elijah is taking swimming lessons & enjoying the pool.  We have many summer plans. 

Eli is getting cuter by the day & also more difficult sometimes.  He is stubborn.  Yup, just like his mom.  I can't believe that he is going to be 4 this week.  Time has really gone by so fast.  I remember that phone call like it was yesterday!  Elijah has blessed our lives.  In celebration of his birthday, Julie, Little G, Camryn, Eli & I will enjoy the day at the beach!  So glad that we can do this!!!!

Aside from all of this life is normal.  I am enjoying Texas.  It is very hot and I'm told will be even worse, but I'm enjoying it.  I sweat like nobody's business, but hey, at least I don't swell up with retention.  I have to look at it one way or the other, right?  So...I will sweat, but I will enjoy life.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  Love to you all.