Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Full Year

It has been a year.  Wow, what a year it has been.  This journey started out as a scary adventure and has turned into something amazing.  The only thing I still dislike after being here for the full year is the fact that I miss my family & friends back home dearly.  Now, in that same breath, the amazing thing that God has done this year, is placed incredible people in my life that I am getting to know more & more with each passing day!  So, all in all, it has been a wonderful year.  Full of adventures, fascination, tears, laughter, nervousness, and many, many more emotions.  All in all, we are BLESSED!

Elijah continues to grow every single day.  I swear that each time I look at him he has grown taller.  His clothes that were big on him at the beginning of the summer are almost too small for him now in length.  He is filling out too.  I love adjustable waists on pants, and I have had to take most of them out about 6 notches lately.  It is crazy how fast it is happening.  I had purchased clothes already for next summer that I am praying will fit him.  The good news is, if they don't, I got them on clearance & I have people who can use them.  Anyhow, it is very neat to watch Eli change.  He is learning so much.  He makes us laugh (or at least chuckle) almost everyday.  Soccer has been interesting for him.  He usually mopes a little on the field & somewhere during the 2nd half will get into the game.  Not sure this will be his thing or not, but, he is at least trying it.  School has been interesting.  He cries every day when I drop him off.  I am praying that this morning will go differently.  One thing I love about my little man is that he can be the sweetest thing ever.  He knows just how to make me smile.  This week he has told me several times how "bluetiful" I am.  I cherish those moments.  We are blessed with him.

Dan has been working in Houston now for 3 weeks.  It has been great.  His parents stopped by to visit while doing some traveling, so it was nice that he was able to work around here to be with them.  Eli also enjoyed spending time with Nanny and Poppy.  It has been nice having Dan home and Elijah sure enjoys having Daddy come home every evening.  I am trying to enjoy these moments & not think about the week that he goes away again, but it keeps haunting me.  Pray with me that God will settle my heart & help us when that time comes., nothing else to report right now.  Life has been great.  We will continue to look at the blessings every day.  Praying you do the same. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Praising God

God has shown Himself to me, once again, very vividly this past week. I want to give Him the praise for this!

My sister, Alice & her family (husband, Brian & girls, Amanda & Brenna) made a difficult decision to move into my parents home to help them as their age & health have begun to limit them on their capabilities.  My mom & dad began constructing an apartment in the basement of their home.  Through prayer, Alice & Brian decided instead of selling their home on the "market" God was leading them to have a home auction.  You know, sometimes when God makes a way so clear it is easy to follow through until it comes close to the true moment.  However, they trusted that this was clearly what God wanted & He would ultimately take care of them.  He did just that.  This past Thursday their home auction took place.  Praise God, their home sold!  Not for the full price they wanted, but pretty close & they were blessed with an amazing auctioneer.  God clearly had His full hands in this.  Thank you Lord!

My husband...for many reasons, I needed Dan to work from home this week.  We weren't sure this was going to happen, however, Praise the Lord, it did happen!  Dan is working in Houston this week & will be home with us in the evenings!  This is a MAJOR blessing to me.

My back...I had relief.  My pain was minimal.  I was so thankful for the medication & for the healing.  I started physical therapy on Friday.  Oh my.  That was intense.  I also finished my medication Friday.  So, I am so thankful for some low pain days!  Today, as I write this, I am in tremendous pain again.  Trusting that God will heal.

Our Car...we are loaning our car out to a family in need of a vehicle right now, but it was time for inspection.  So, last weekend, we had it while they were away & got the necessary inspection completed.  While it was in for inspection they realized that the Serpentine belt was worn badly & was about to break.  Thank God this didn't happen while someone was driving it.  So, although it was a financial expenditure we didn't expect, we are thankful no one was hurt & that the car went 160,000+ miles before it needed changed!  All good!!!!

Our Church...I can not say enough about the blessing that our church is.  I know without any shadow of a doubt that God brought us to this church.  We are so encouraged by the people in it & the Pastoral staff.  They are so real.  So down to earth.  So loving.  All the friends that we have obtained from the church, we really are so blessed!

Last weekend we had the privilege of keeping 3 girls for the youth pastor & his wife as they traveled with the youth.  Oh, what an amazing time we had!!!  First of all, I LOVED having 3 girls in the house again.  Also, to watch each girl & see their individual personalities shine is amazing.  I sat with amazement at the variety & similarities of the sisters.  Beautiful moments!  Love those girls!!!

The girls, Eli & I dancing! :-)
My little man...he continues to amaze me.  He is growing so fast it is almost uncontrollable.  Tomorrow is his first day of Pre K4.  I can't believe it.  This past Saturday he had his first soccer game.  He was hilarious.  The first half of the game he pretty much watched.  Then, he decided to play.  So, he scored 4 goals.  2 for our team & 2 for the other team.  It's a good thing at age 4 they don't keep score!!!  In any case, I hope that he continues to have fun with this. 

Ready to play his first game!

One of Eli's correct goals!
One thing that made me laugh this week...we were getting ready to go on a play date & I gave Eli his clothes to get dressed & I finished getting myself ready.  That evening as we were getting ready for baths and such, I noticed that Elijah never took off his PJ shorts.  So, all day, my son had on his shorts over top of his PJ's.  Yup, I won the Mom of the year award with that one!  I just laughed about it, because it was over.  I couldn't change it then.  I just know now to check that.  LOL!

Needless to say, our lives have been full of blessings.  I have so much that I always want to tell you on here, but if I typed everything it would be a book (ok, more of a book than it is already) and I want you to keep reading.  So...for now I leave you with this thought:

September 11, 2001 will forever be in our memories.  So many of us can remember where we were & what we were doing when the tragic events started to unfold.  I personally, was working for Shaffer Trucking at the time.  I was a Fleet Assistant.  I was in my seat directly in front of Rick Weber, VP of Operations.  I remember hearing the buzz about the first airplane.  I walked to the drivers lounge to see the TV, about that time the 2nd plane hit the 2nd building.  Phone calls started to come in from concerned families of truck drivers that knew that their loved one was on the way to NYC.  I remember calling my parents asking them if they had the TV on.  Then, for the next several days we relived the moments, view by view on Television.  I knew people who lost loved ones in the towers.  It was heart breaking.  America had been struck.  No matter what we thought about the political realm, at that moment, Americans stood together.  There was no democrat or republican, there was no black or white, etc...we were just Americans.  So, today, we remember.  Our minds are taken back 10 years ago when this Nation was shaken.  Emotionally, physically, spiritually.  We were moved. This day many became heroes.  Men and women sacrificially gave their lives.  Some were spared and thus dealt with another issue from the tragedy.  Guilt.  Since that day, we have had more heroes.  Those who have given their lives fighting for our Country.  We thank you.  We thank all of you.  We pray for the families affected.  We pray for this Nation.  May we continue to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Me

You know what I like best about writing a blog?  No?  Well, it is the fact that I can bear my soul, be naked, be real, be completely vulnerable and if you don't like it, you can just stop reading it.  LOL.  Honestly though, it is refreshing to be open here & know that those who are reading this will love me anyhow.

So, that being we go. 

Lately things for me have been a little odd.  I had a routine physical in April and expected everything to be fine.  Well, it wasn't.  Took me completely by surprise.  Went to the specialist that my Doctor recommended and when I left that appointment I was fearing the worst.  This Dr had informed me that I would need major life changing surgery.  Well, 2nd opinion...many tests later and finally after a month go back...I'm good.  Things are a little out of whack & I have one minor issue, but now...going back in 3 months for further testing.  Thank God for the healing!  So...I thought, whew, all is well.  Apparently though, I am not finished with Doctors.  I have been having some other issues, these with my back & well, finally decided (my body forced me) to go to the Dr.  and now....tomorrow, I'm going to another specialist.  UGH!  In any case, I know it could be worse, but I broke down in tears.  I called Dan and for the first time in a year, I asked him to please take a day off tomorrow and come home.  He did.  :-)

So, in all of this madness, things have been a little out of whack for me since May when I first received results.  Actually, even though we have been in TX for almost a year now, I feel like I have never really finished settling.  I feel as though I always have something happening.  It is a good thing, but goodness, sometimes I could just handle a breather.

The biggest thing I miss is exercising.  I thought being home with Eli would allow me to run more.  Wrong.  In the past year, I think I have gone running a total of 3 times.  Now, with my back, running isn't in the picture.  Since we've moved I have gained weight.  It is tough for me.  I have beat myself up over this.  I think it is funny how people feel the need to tell you that you have gained weight.  Really?  No way!  I honestly think some people forget that you look at yourself in the mirror everyday and you dress yourself.  Anyhow...I have beat myself up over it too much already.  I don't need anyone else to do it.  If you think about it though, I would appreciate prayers as I endeavor to get back on track & lose the weight I gained & more.  I have to do it for me. 

Well, that is enough about me.

My little man started soccer tonight!!!!!  He is my cutie.  I was so excited that daddy was home with us to go tonight.  His first practice.  At first, he was completely shy, but as the hour went on he was ready to stay longer.  I hope we have a good soccer season.  I'm sure I will update more on this in the coming months.

Some of Eli's quotes lately...

Eli:"Mommy, you smell like mam-ma." Me: "Oh really?  How is that?"  E: "Like stinky dinosaur Love!"

Tonight in the tub..."Daddy, I should have brought my umbrella in here so you could use the water to rain on me!"

I leave you tonight with 2 videos of my little man.  Love to you all!