Monday, August 29, 2011


Since my last blog I have traveled thousands of miles. CRAZY, but true!  My genius plan was to drive to PA in order to go to the beach in NC with my sisters.  Oh my.  So, we drove from TX to PA...then, I went to OH to see my college bestie, then back to PA then to OBX, NC, back to PA & then, turned around & came home!  Let me just say that I was so glad to see the TX sign when we crossed the border.  It was a joyous moment.

Going home is such a bitter sweet time.  Several years ago, after going through major hurt in friendships, I prayed that God would bring true friends into my life.  He did just that.  I am so blessed with friends that when I go to PA for a visit it is very difficult.  I want & need to spend time with my family since I don't get to see them very much, but I also want to see my friends.  I would love to have enough time to see everyone with every trip, but I know that is unrealistic.  So, to all of you who I love dearly, I apologize if I can't see you when I'm there.  Please know that you really do mean so much to me & I hope we can keep in touch in other ways as well.  I thank God for you all!

Since being back home in TX things have been nice.  Eli had his first dentist appointment.  I know, he's 4 you are yelling...I know...I waited too long, however, he did GREAT!  I was sooo proud of him.  I wasn't however, proud of how he acted in the waiting room.  I am dealing with a lot of defiance & trying lately.  In any case, the dentist visit went well for him.  No cavities & his teeth are looking great.  Good for 6 months!  :-)

 Getting his x-rays

Getting his teeth checked by the Dentist!

While we were gone Eli wanted to come home many times.  The biggest reason...he missed his best friend, Garner!  He was so excited when we got back & couldn't wait to spend time with G.  (He also missed his Daddy who wasn't with us on the trip, but he was so excited to play with G).  We are so blessed to have the Meads family in our lives.  Little G was also excited to see Eli.'s pictures of them playing!

This past weekend we had our parent soccer meeting.  Elijah starts soccer practice THIS Thursday!  So, on Saturday we bought Eli his shin guards & cleats.  He was so excited.  He couldn't wait to get home, put them on & go outside to play.  I am praying that soccer practice goes just as well this week.  I'll keep you posted!

Lately Elijah has been talking A LOT about pets.  He is infatuated with them.  He still has been crying because we don't have Squirt anymore.  I am really surprised at this.  It is cute, sad and a little funny when he does it.  In any case...he is precious.  Not thinking the pet thing is going to happen, but hey...maybe fish.  Although, when Daddy suggested that, Eli's concern was catching the fish to pet it.  Oh dear.

Elijah keeps me laughing most days & the other days he has me in tears.  We are definitely in the trying fours, but I love him more every day.  He is still a blessing to me.  I cherish my moments with him and as tough as some days are...I'm proud to be his mommy.