Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessed? Yes!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted here & my what a week it has been!

My birthday--last Wednesday was my b-day.  It was a wonderful day!  We had a change of plans in the morning, but hey, that happens, you know?!  It ended up that Eli & I did some much needed grocery shopping.  Then...to the splash pad!  Who would have thought that I would not only be able to spend MY birthday in April in the water, but also be LIVING in the warm to spend it in the water.  Woo hoo!  Yippee!  My precious boy took a good nap after spending the time in the sun running around in the water.  Then...Aunt Joyce took us out for dinner.  We had a great time enjoying our delicious food at TGIFridays.  A little shopping before Bible study, which BTW, I was completely surprised by a little party from the ladies there.  They were so sweet to do that & made my day extra special.  All in all, the day was great!  Thank you Lord for another year of life!

So....moving right along...Thursday, Aunt Sandy came to visit.  Eli didn't have school due to the Easter break, so it all worked out very well.  We had beautiful weather for the day & it continued into the weekend.  One thing I forgot to mention is that on Wednesday Dan learned that he would be working in Houston ALL week!  So, he got home Friday afternoon & is here with us this week in the evenings.  It is great!  So, Friday, Good Friday, our church had an egg hunt that Aunt Sandy, Eli & I were able to enjoy.  The Easter celebration continued through the weekend & of course my little man was spoiled a little on Easter morning.  We had a great time with Aunt Sandy here & was glad she was able to make the trip.

So...this week.  Daddy goes to work in the morning & comes home at night.  Seems so normal.  HA HA.  It is funny how in some ways we are already getting on each other's nerves.  We are used to having our own space.  However, it is FANTASTIC having him here in the evenings to enjoy time with Elijah & Eli is loving that time with Daddy.  So, God knew, once again, what He was doing by giving us this week together.  It is a blessing & we are hoping to get a couple more weeks like this. 

So, all in all, in the past week we have been busy.  We have been blessed.  We have enjoyed moments with family and mostly enjoyed time together.  I am still feeling blessed about being at home with my little man & I am also still feeling great about our move & our new family & friends here.  What can I say?!  We are Blessed!  Praise God! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

36-Just a Number

So, tomorrow I turn 36.  36 years ago, my mom was 36 when she gave birth to me.  4 years to go until I'm 40.  Yup, it's all just a number.  As this day was getting closer, I have thought of several things.  First of all, I can't believe that my mom was my age when she gave birth to me.  Mainly for this reason, she was 17 when she gave birth to her 1st child...then 36 when she gave birth to me, the youngest.  Can you imagine?  Almost 20 years having children?!  Ok, sorry Mom, this means everyone knows your age...I know you don't care, but really you spent so many years pregnant & then all those years with children in your house.  WOW. 

I've also thought about where I am in my life.  I never imagined I would be married for just shy of 10 years & have a 3 (almost 4) year old.  Nope, I thought by now I would be married for 15+ years & have somewhere between 4-10 children.  LOL.  My, how things don't always go the way we think.  I must say though, being a stay at home mom now, to my precious boy, is a good thing.  We are enjoying so many things together.  I am learning to enjoy moments in a whole new way.  Life has definitely thrown some curve balls my way, but I can honestly say that I have grown from each one.  I may not have felt like it in the moment, but in the end, I know how I have grown.  It is tempting to look back & wonder why I don't have more or why I haven't accomplished more, but honestly, I am blessed to have lived another year.  I feel honored to be 36. 

So, tomorrow, I will celebrate.  I will celebrate life.  I will celebrate my parents for the life they have given me.  I will celebrate God & how He has molded me & made me who & what I am as a 36 year old.  I will celebrate.  I believe birthday's should be celebrated no matter what!  I don't agree that the older you get the less birthday's mean.  I personally feel that the older you get, the MORE they mean.  (just my opinion!)  Thank you Lord for another year!  Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me this past year & thank you Lord for everything I have learned! 

All in all...36, is just a number!  Woo hoo!  I am 36!  :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Life as we know it is now back in order.  On Wednesday, Eli & I enjoyed some time together at home & then enjoyed our night at Church.  He thoroughly enjoys his class & especially looks forward to seeing Jeffrey!  I LOVED being back at the ladies Bible study.  It is amazing to me how God knew who to put into my life when he did.  You see, this week I was struggling, but didn't know why.  Since returning from PA, I had a flood of emotions.  It was odd.  I wasn't expecting it.  I was so glad to be home, but I realized that there was something going on.  Then as I prayed & thought about things I realized what it was.  I was mourning relationships that I no longer had to the extent that I used to.  Don't get me wrong, I love my friends in PA.  I love my friends I have all over the world, but sometimes life changes things.  I still have amazing relationships across the miles & I do have incredible friends, so in some ways I felt as if I was almost "cheating" on them simply because I have developed so many wonderful relationships here in TX already.  But then, you see, I remembered that I prayed so long for God to bring close friends into my life.  People who I could rely on.  People who could rely on me.  So now, I am so blessed!  I have friends here in TX.  So many wonderful people in my life.  So many people that I can't wait to know more & more about!  I also have friends in PA.  I have people there I can rely on.  I have friends in WV, I have friends in OH, I have friends all over.  I am so incredibly blessed with life all around me!!!  So, I may mourn that I am not there all the time in my friends and families lives, but I can tell you that I am not & have not lost any relationships.  I have only gained new ones.  How incredible is that?  How amazing is that?  For me, it is an answer to prayer.  So now, I am enjoying the ride.  I am going to be me and learn as much as I can about those around me and I am going to allow them to know me.  Yay!!!  WOO HOO!

Life.  At a play area today I had an opportunity to talk to a lady about adoption.  She heard me say something about Eli being born in my heart & another woman's belly.  She & her husband adopted internationally & she was asking me how I handled the questions from Eli.  How amazing is this?  God is enabling me to use my adoption experience with someone else.  I, by NO means, have any or all of the answers, but I did offer her what we do.  It was neat to be able to talk to her about it.  Her son is also 3, so we will be keeping in touch now to be of help to one another.  I am so excited to have so many families around us who have adopted!  God knew exactly what He was doing putting us here!!!

Aunt Joyce.  Well, one change that Eli is having to adjust to is that my sister is now living with us.  He is only used to people being here to visit, so in some ways he is not understanding that this is her home too.  She definitely has us a little spoiled though.  When we got home things were super clean.  Both of our cars were clean & not just cleaned, but the carpet was shampooed and all too!!!  It is fun having her here & I am really excited for her in her new job & to watch & see what God has in store for her. 

Elijah is growing.  It is so neat for me to look at him & see how much he is developing.  Today I finally decided to weigh him here at home again.  You see, when he is 4 & 40lbs he can be moved to the booster seat & since that day is coming soon for the big 4 I wanted to see where we were on weight.  Before we went to PA he was 36lbs & he never seemed to budge from that.  In fact, he has been 36lbs since we moved here 6 months ago.  This morning, however, he is tipping the scales at 39lbs!!!!  My little man is growing up so fast! 

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  So, I'm going to enjoy it.  Hope you are too!!!  Love to all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Man

Too cute.  Had to share it.  My little man is a singer, although he acts shy sometimes! Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So, I must begin this by saying that I never realized how much that statement meant until this trip.  Usually, I am the girl who could be on the go ALL the time.  I used to think that no matter what I would be fine with being away all the time.  Shoot...I have often wondered if I could be the type to hop into a RV & travel around for months at a time.  Well, after this month...nope...I don't think so anymore.  Either I am just becoming old and comfortable or...I am just realizing that I am enjoying being home.  I would like to think it is the latter of the two, but none the less, either way, I can just say I am glad to be home!

The trip was great.  It was nice to see friends and family that I haven't seen in a while.  It was tough to not be able to see everyone that I wanted to, but another thing I realized on this trip was you can't do everything.  I know, shocker, but true.  I couldn't do it all.  In any case, we had a LOT of fun.  Eli loved being around his family.  He was S P O I L E D by everyone!  Family, friends, EVERYONE!  My child is loved.  He is growing up fast & his personality is blossoming.  He is blessed.  We are blessed.  It was so neat to watch him visit with his "old" daycare friends.  He had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.  Now, mommy has to break the spoiling.  (& YES, he was very very spoiled!)

Since being home we have dealt with some sickness.  Eli's allergies have been running rampant.  I think we finally have them back under control thankfully.  I ended up feeling very rough on Sunday & Monday.  I have slept so much the past few days & today I have been much better.  We are thoroughly enjoying being back into the warm weather.  LOVIN' it rather.  Today, we spent some time at the splashpad & had a great time.  It is good to be back in shorts & flip flops all the time.  I have truly become a warm weather snob.  LOL.

This trip Eli had his first airplane ride.  He enjoyed it, but he was ready for it to be done.  He did well, but I can say that when he & mommy fly alone, I think we are going to have to do straight flights for a while.  Thank God that Daddy was with us because when we were in Charlotte airport we had quite a long trek, but we made it & it was good!  Dan & I both enjoyed sharing that memorable first moment with Eli.  His face was priceless as we took off.  He did like it, but was so glad to be home. 

The first thing Eli did when we got home was play with his toys.  He played, and played, and played...you get the point.  He LOVED being back home. 

All in all, it was nice to be with family & friends, but we are glad to be home.  Who would have thought that Texas would be home to me so soon?!  It is though & it is true that home is where the heart is!  We are having a great time loving life!

oh and now that I'm home...I'll be updating the blog more again!  YAY!!!  Enjoy some pics from our trip & today!  Love to all!

Eli & Poppy making cookies

My little frog man!

First flight!

My little man & I on his first flight!
Sound asleep...end of second flight.
Splash pad fun today!