Sunday, April 7, 2013

The answer is YES!

For years the question has always been the same.  Many of you have asked it.  Many of you have wanted to ask it, but were unsure of how to ask it or "if" it is okay to ask it.  Some of you have just silently prayed for us as you waited for us to decide.  Whatever way you have chosen to "ask" it, we now have an answer.


YES, we are TRYING to adopt again. 

Elijah prays EVERY night for a baby brother or sister.  Dan & I have been praying for YEARS and have never felt settled with our family size.  We have gone to several meetings and believe that we have finally found the agency we want to work through. 

So, now your question may be...What can I do for you now?

Here are some immediate needs:

Prayer.  We need prayer for many items. 
-Prayer for the birth mother & father as they make the choice to place.
-Prayer for us as we go through this journey that can be overwhelming and tedious.
-Prayer for us as the financial end of this is terrifying and can cause a lot of stress.
-Prayer for Elijah that he will be patient (as patient as a 5 1/2 y/o boy can be)
-Prayer for the child God will choose to place with us & that he/she will be the perfect fit.

Honestly, at this point, prayer is what we need the most of.  We will try to keep you posted on progress, but this will potentially take quite a while, but ultimately we are trusting God that He will work it out in His will & time!

So....that is the big news from the Davis home front.  Hope all is well with each of you!