Friday, September 28, 2012


It has been a long time since I've posted....LOTS has happened, but no worries, I won't bore you with all the details.  General synopsis....

Elijah turned 5, we partied...he had a GREAT time.

Eli & I went to PA for the month of August, oh & to West Virginia & visit with family & friends.  We had a blast, but were very ready to come home.  Oh, & did I mention we drove?!  Not only did we drive, but we had a friend fly from PA to ride back with us from here (Christy) and then a friend rode back with us from PA & flew back home....(Sandy).  That was fun & the trip was good.  Thankfully we had safe travels.  Thank you Lord!

Elijah started Kindergarten in Training (KIT).  Since he didn't turn 5 until the end of June we decided to give him one more year in "pre-k".  He loves his teachers and is enjoying his time.  Honestly, he just has a good time with friends.  I'm not sure he is too interested in "school." 

Today...I picked Eli up from school and we had some play time at the indoor playground.  Since it was in the 90's today it was a good place for him to burn (haha) energy.  When we left we had some errands to run & while in the car Eli just was chatting.  (Honestly, he rarely stops talking)  In any case, we were chatting away, he was informing me that when it rains it is because God gets his hands wet & sticks them in the clouds.  Then he asked me how to meet God & how to have him live in his heart.  So, we chatted.  We had the salvation message on a 5 year old level.  He then tells me he wants to pray & ask Jesus to live in his heart.  So, I start the prayer and tell him to repeat. 

Me: Dear Jesus,

Eli: Dear Jesus, thank you for this day & all the fun me & mommy are having.  Please come and live in my heart Jesus so I can live for you.  Amen.

What?!  I didn't even have to continue the "repeat after me!"  Talk about a hallelujah moment!  I know he is only 5, but honestly, we talked about what it means about living for God & he was interactive in the conversation.  I was blown away.  So, we immediately called Daddy!  Praying that my little man continues with this life.

Other than these highlights, life continues on as normal.  We are busy as usual, but enjoying the days and the moments we have.  Some great things lately that Eli has said...

"Mommy, when I grow up can I marry you?"

"I love you Momma & I will never change my mommy!"

"I am going to go to CA for 14 days and get my brother & sister."

So many other things...too many to remember, but sometimes this child has me in stitches.  Love him so much!

Eli has grown so much & all I can say is oh my goodness!!!  Clothes are going too quickly.  But, life is GREAT!  God is AWESOME!

Until next time...