Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good Times

Sometimes life gets busy.  Not so busy that you can't breathe, but busy enough that simple things go by the wayside.  These past couple months have been like that.  I haven't been on here since the end of Sept.  Crazy, huh?!  In that time a lot has been going on.  I will recap a little of it.

October was full of fun.  I went to a women's retreat with some wonderful women of the church.  I had a blast.  It was nice to be away for a weekend and have an opportunity to be refreshed, but it was also nice to come home to my boys.  Also, in October we were blessed to watch 3 girls.  Here is my recap on that...

Parents of 4 kids.  So, I've decided that after 1 kid...that if you add more it is all the same.  Now, for those of you who have more than 1 & think I'm insane & are saying in your mind "oh, girl, you have no idea!  It's different!  If they were all yours you would change your tune!"  Okay, so maybe, but honestly, it was the same as 1.  In fact, at some points I thought it was easier.  You have in house entertainment.  You have a schedule & you make them stick to it.  Right?!  We had so much fun.  The girls were wonderful.   We enjoyed watching Disney shows (other than Eli's normals) and enjoyed making sure homework was complete & having fun.  We enjoyed the zoo, making English muffin pizza's & many more things.  After that week I was ready to keep them.  Seriously.  I loved having them!

October also brought an interesting adventure.  I came home from getting groceries one night & a dog followed me into the house.  After trying to find the dog's home we had no luck.  So, after having the dog for over 2 weeks we thought we were safe.  We thought "Snickers" was officially ours.  Well, on Halloween night, we found out that Snickers was actually Sebastian.  He went home to his owners.  It was a mess & to save time I will just say that it was a sticky situation, but we let him go.  Eli was crushed.  However, we eventually moved on. (you will see why)

Our little dragon (Snickers in the background)

November.  Whew, we had fun in November too.  Eli had his first real sleepover.  We invited 2 of his friends from school, twins, Tristan & Noah, over for a sleepover.  They had sooooo much fun!  It was amazing.  They also slept well & enjoyed one another.  I would say it was a huge success & I see many more sleepovers happening!

November is national adoption month, so we began to really think about adopting a puppy.  Well, we tried out a couple & we finally found a newborn puppy (Shih-Tzu) that was born Sept. 13th.  She needed a home.  So, on Thursday, Nov. 10, we got our new Puppy.  Kylie.  She is sweet.  Eli LOVES her.  It has been interesting with her, but we are all learning & growing together.  So, welcome Kylie to our family.

November brought some homesickness for me.  I struggled quite a bit, but thankfully I was able to pull through.  We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with a dear family from church.  We love the Wright family & are so incredibly happy to have been welcomed in their home for this day.  We enjoyed every moment of the day.

The best thing of all...Dan was home working in Houston from Sept thru Nov.  In fact, just this last week was his first week traveling in several months.  We were blessed to have him here & we have enjoyed every moment together.  Eli has been growing so fast & changing every time we turn around.  He is very inquisitive & is trying every boundary given to him.  We know that with God's help we will raise him to be the best he is to be. 

So, for now this is a short update.  I will work hard at updating more frequently.  Love to you all.

Until next time...enjoy this short video of Eli & his pup.