Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flying By

Time goes so quickly.  When I am out walking/running many times I write blogs in my mind.  Mostly it is the time that I listen to music, pray & go through my day/week/months in my mind.  I think of all the things I would like to share with you (my family & friends), but by the time I get back & get a moment, well, the moment had passed.  So, thus it has been so long since I have completed a blog. 

Where to begin...March finished out as normal as could be.  April began & proved to be a full month. 

I'll start with Dan...(he seems to be the easiest of all of us).  Dan worked in Houston for several weeks.  During that time he was able to the garden going and it is going strong.  We have tomato's & cucumbers that are close to being ready to enjoy.  We also have some squash that will be close behind.  He also planted many flowers (that is his love) and I have my own herb garden too.  He planted me many different herbs and I am looking forward to trying them all in my cooking.  Hopefully I will learn new ways to use them.  It was fun having Dan around, but for the past 2 weeks he has been stationed away. But, again we know, we are thankful he enjoys his job & we are thankful he has a job!!! 

Me...well, I turned 37 this month.  I feel like I've been falling apart health wise.  I have been struggling with my lower back & headaches.  I took my first trip in an ambulance (not fun & I don't recommend it).  I completed my first 10K, even though I had to walk it & I was the last one to cross the finish line, I did it.  I completed a 5K last Saturday & I have 2 more scheduled the next 2 Saturday's.  I signed up for 2 more 10k's in the fall & my first half marathon in December.  Walking or running I WILL complete them.  I am working towards it.  I still have a lot of work to do and I beat myself up more than anyone else does and more than I should myself.  I get so frustrated with myself in the moment.  I keep doing them, but I want so desperately to improve.  I know I will with time, but...I want it now.  Otherwise, I've been enjoying time with my men.  Although some days I would like to scream, but over all I am so blessed and thankful to be a mom.  I have been enjoying time with our puppy dogs and learning the ropes with them.  They can be quite contrary sometimes, just like Eli. 

Eli...he is continuing to grow.  He is continuing to push the limits.  He is continuing to be in karate and he is ALL 100% boy.  I know he is learning each day & it is amazing to watch him as he learns new things.  He questions everything and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G!  Conversations in our household prove to be very interesting.  School for him is going well & almost over.  He only have a few more classes until this year is over.  I am enrolling him into some summer programs to keep him occupied.  Eli loves to go to church.  Mostly because he loves playing with the boys in his class, but he is always excited to go.  We love that fact about him & pray that God always keeps his heart this tender.  Eli loves playing in the backyard & of course, is loving the splash pad in our neighborhood already.  He keeps talking about the pool and can't wait for it to be open! 

In any case...life is good.  God has blessed us more than we can imagine.  We continue to grow in Him and we are enjoying the moments.  Until next time...