Sunday, October 7, 2012


Before I had Elijah, I never could understand Mom's who looked forward to & enjoyed time away from their children.  Hang on, before you get all frustrated with me, read on.  Fast forward 5 years & I COMPLETELY understand the NEED for MOM alone time.  Yup, I said it.  I am so sorry to all the mom's out there that I doubted.  I get it now.  I know the importance of it now.  I know the reason why Mom's (& Dad's) need time apart from the kiddo's.  It isn't that I don't love & appreciate my precious angel of a boy, but it is truly the fact that I need moments so that I can be the mom I am to be.

So, I say this...Dan & Eli are on a father/son camping trip right now.  They left today & will be gone for a couple days.  Woo hoo!!!!  I am so excited for them to enjoy time together & at the same time I am excited for the few days I get to have alone time.  It's funny, as I came home tonight from Youth Small group, I cleaned up the kitchen and made myself a salad and sat down here.  I have control of the remote (oh, c'mon, I know I always have control of it when Eli is in bed), and I have 2 puppies sound asleep beside me.  It is quiet and peaceful.  Wow.  Thank you Lord for this time.

Other than that (well, that was the big thing) is GREAT.  Dan & I will get to have a date on Friday (yes, it is ALSO very important that Mommy & Daddy get some alone time together) and Eli will have a date with Aunt Angie all day.  What a blessing we have in our neighbor & friend!  I will be sure to update you on the past week as I know this is going to give memories for a lifetime!

Have a fantastic week y'all!  If you need me.....text me!  ;)