Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Helpful in 2013

We are 8 days (almost 9) into 2013 & there are a few things that I can't get off my mind.  I have thought and prayed a lot about what God would have for me this year.  Before the end of 2012 I thought about my year & what was ahead in 2013.  Sometimes it seems that my life is just a normal cycle being a stay at home mom. 

The radio station I listen to gave a challenge.  To take some time & pray about what one word God would have your 2013 represent.  I did that.  The word I feel that God wants my 2013 to represent is HELPFUL. 

At first, I thought maybe that was an odd word.  I wondered if that could really be what I should focus on.  However, the more I prayed about it, the more God continues to bring it to me.

So, I bring it to you.  I ask you to hold me accountable to this.  Here are the things I feel that God is leading me to with this...

be HELPFUL...to me.  I need to first help myself in order to be whole to help others.  I need to help myself with my health(in all ways-spiritual, physical & emotional), with my organization and with my discipline.

be HELPFUL...to others.  I want to help others in so many ways.  Starting with my husband & son and then spilling out to all others.  Encouragement, disciplining, etc... Any way that I can.

So....I ask you...how are you doing?  I seriously and going to make this year count.  I want to make my year Helpful.  Especially by encouraging.  Hold me to it!

Love to you all!!!!!