Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Times

What a week.  It has been wonderful having my parents here.  Life is fairly normal, it is just neat to enjoy the time with them.  It is all too quickly coming to an end.  It is really cute watching Eli talk with them, ask all sorts of questions and of course has been playing with them.  One day this week Eli was sitting on Pap-pa's lap talking about recycling.  Elijah is so interested in that lately.  So, Pap-pa took the time to give him some words of wisdom.  "Elijah, You can't recycle life.  Yesterday is gone.  So, enjoy each moment of life because you can't get it back."  So true.  How quickly we forget this.  I pray that Elijah always remembers this!

Dan was able to be home for another weekend!!!  We are really getting spoiled with this!  Saturday we took the morning as our family day.  Dan, Eli & I set out to visit downtown Houston.  Mainly because we have "Flat Stanley" visiting from PA & needed to get some cool pics with him, but also because we wanted some time together.  It was a gorgeous day & we had so much fun.  We ended up also taking a trip to the Galleria mall in Houston.  WOW!  Can I just say that I can't wait to go back!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

 Eli & I having a ride on "the Galleria Express"

 Eli loved this rabbit in the Candy store!

Houston Astro's home...Eli really enjoyed playing!

This week Eli & I have been enjoying the weather.  It has been amazingly beautiful here.  I can honestly say that I am going to miss the warmth when we go home for a month.  I just hope that it gets a little warmer at home.  I'm quickly turning into a cold weather wimp!  I'm okay with it though.  LOL.

I have also been able to meet & hold my friend Julie's precious new baby girl, Camryn.  She is beautiful.  It felt so good holding a 3 week old.  Brought back memories.  I LOVE babies!

Tomorrow, my sister Joyce, leaves Ohio & begins her journey to her move to TX.  I am excited for her & hope that she finds the happiness here that I have.

This past Tuesday, my sister Alice, completed her Master's degree program!!!  Congratulations Alice on a job well done.

I gotta say I love my family.  Be sure to enjoy your days!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Precious Moments

Whew...what a whirlwind lately.  Things have been going very quickly lately.  I can't believe that sometimes time just passes by.  Over & Over again.  With my parents being here we have been staying busy.  Last week on Tuesday we, Eli & I, took Mam-ma to Mudpie.  It is a local pottery painting shop.  Eli is blessed with 2 very artistic grandma's, so while this Mam-ma was here we knew we had to take advantage of the time.  So, off we went.  Here are a couple pictures of them painting...

We had a great time!  Eli painted a mug for Daddy  & Mam-ma painted a "Monster truck" bank for Eli.  Remembering these moments will be forever.  It was a very nice time.  So nice to share in mam-ma's love of art.

Last Friday was Pap-pa's 77th birthday.  So, of course, we had to celebrate.  If you know my dad, you know that celebrating isn't necessarily his thing, so...he asked for Subway for dinner.  It was great.  Delicious really.  Elijah is really getting into the whole "birthday" thing, so we had to have a little fun with it.  Here is a video of Eli pulling Pap-pa's ears & singing to him.  Precious!

Last week I decided to go to the Dr's.  I hadn't been feeling well for the past 3 weeks.  I had just really been tired.  Exhausted really.  Abnormal for me.  So, Dan basically informed me I was going.  So, I went.  Turns out it is good that I did.  Ends up I had bronchitis & was close to pneumonia.  My oxygen level was way down.  So...medicine and some rest later...I feel better.  Not quite 100% yet, but much better than I have.

Valentine's Day...well, with Dan traveling we celebrated Valentine's day over the weekend.  I received 2 dozen red roses & a dozen chocolate covered strawberries on Saturday.  It was beautiful & delicious.  Dan & I also were able to take advantage of some Grandparent babysitting services & we enjoyed a wonderful date on Saturday night.  We went to Cheesecake Factory & it was a wonderful time.  Food & company!!!  Weight Watcher's plan on the other hand--not so good lately.  However, I have decided that the weight will come off.  In time.  I will get to my goal.  It will happen & I will continue to live.  I'm learning how to live. That is an amazing thing.  The best part is...I love life.  It is a gift that I will not take advantage of.  I am going to enjoy each moment.

This weekend Dan was able to be home again.   We have gotten used to him being here each weekend.  It has been nice.  Admittedly, we have been spoiled.  I am thankful for the time as he really has been a great help to me since I have been less than up to par lately.  On Saturday Eli was invited to a birthday party.  The party was for a little girl in his class at school.  We were so glad to be invited & of course we went.  I'm glad that it worked out for us.  Saturday morning we took some stuff to Goodwill for donation.  Eli was so helpful & really enjoyed carrying stuff inside.  He also made a run for it in the warehouse.  LOL.  Good family time.  Then Eli & I went to the party & Dan surprised us when we got home.  Eli's room was moved around & Joyce's room was all organized to be ready for her.  Thank you Dan!  You rock!!!

So, I believe this brings us up to date.  Today, mom, dad, Eli & I spent the day (well, several hours) at the Houston Zoo.  We love going there & it is a great time to be had by all when we go.  We had a great time together & the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Today Eli fell in love with the Komodo Dragon lizard.  In fact, he wanted to bring one home with him.  Uh, NO!!!!  My boy loves his reptiles.  He is definitely a nature boy. 

All in all, we are enjoying the moments that we are sharing together with my mom & dad being here.  We are looking forward to the moments we will share in PA when we go home to visit & we are simply BLESSED!

Until next time...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Wow!  It has been forever since I was on here.  Soooo much has been going on lately.  Within the last week of posting my parents have arrived!  Last Tuesday they made their final drive to our house.  Elijah was so excited to finally see them!  This is a picture of Eli when he saw them driving into our driveway.

Too cute, huh?!  He is my joy.  He has been so excited to be with them.  Of course, he has been wanting them to play with him non-stop, but hey, doesn't every child want that?  :-)

When my parents arrived, the cold weather did as well.  We joked that they brought it with them.  However, then thinking about it, Pap-pa said, well, Eli wanted us to bring the snow.  Wednesday & Thursday it was very cold.  Thursday evening they were calling for some winter weather.  Ice & Snow.  YUCK.  Didn't I move to Texas to enjoy NOT having this weather?  Well in the end, we got some ice.  Good news was I didn't have to go out in it, although we did once it melted.

So, on Thursday, my sister, Joyce, who now lives in Ohio, flew in to have an interview on Friday at the Texas Children's Hospital.  Thankfully, Dan came home on Thursday night too!!!  Thank God!  Because, Friday morning, Dan was able to drive Joyce downtown Houston for her interview.  Phew.  With all the road closures it was quite an adventure for them, but they all arrived home safely.  So...Joyce got the job and she will be moving here with us!!!!  It's unreal.  I really haven't gotten the realization of it all now.  If you think about it though, please keep her in your prayers as she is starting this new journey in her life.

This weekend we had a house full!!!  Dan was home.  Mom & Dad are here & Joyce was here.  There wasn't a lack of attention for the little man.  We all had fun together & enjoyed the warmer weather on Saturday & Sunday.  It was nice to be back in some warmth again. 

Dan is back in Coke, TX again this week.  I'm starting to get anxious about going home for a while in March & having the opportunity to see everyone.  It will be fun & I look forward to catching up with everyone.

I am going to leave you with a few pictures of Eli & Pap-pa playing & video. Cherished moments.