Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Times

What a week.  It has been wonderful having my parents here.  Life is fairly normal, it is just neat to enjoy the time with them.  It is all too quickly coming to an end.  It is really cute watching Eli talk with them, ask all sorts of questions and of course has been playing with them.  One day this week Eli was sitting on Pap-pa's lap talking about recycling.  Elijah is so interested in that lately.  So, Pap-pa took the time to give him some words of wisdom.  "Elijah, You can't recycle life.  Yesterday is gone.  So, enjoy each moment of life because you can't get it back."  So true.  How quickly we forget this.  I pray that Elijah always remembers this!

Dan was able to be home for another weekend!!!  We are really getting spoiled with this!  Saturday we took the morning as our family day.  Dan, Eli & I set out to visit downtown Houston.  Mainly because we have "Flat Stanley" visiting from PA & needed to get some cool pics with him, but also because we wanted some time together.  It was a gorgeous day & we had so much fun.  We ended up also taking a trip to the Galleria mall in Houston.  WOW!  Can I just say that I can't wait to go back!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

 Eli & I having a ride on "the Galleria Express"

 Eli loved this rabbit in the Candy store!

Houston Astro's home...Eli really enjoyed playing!

This week Eli & I have been enjoying the weather.  It has been amazingly beautiful here.  I can honestly say that I am going to miss the warmth when we go home for a month.  I just hope that it gets a little warmer at home.  I'm quickly turning into a cold weather wimp!  I'm okay with it though.  LOL.

I have also been able to meet & hold my friend Julie's precious new baby girl, Camryn.  She is beautiful.  It felt so good holding a 3 week old.  Brought back memories.  I LOVE babies!

Tomorrow, my sister Joyce, leaves Ohio & begins her journey to her move to TX.  I am excited for her & hope that she finds the happiness here that I have.

This past Tuesday, my sister Alice, completed her Master's degree program!!!  Congratulations Alice on a job well done.

I gotta say I love my family.  Be sure to enjoy your days!

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