Friday, March 11, 2011

Catching Up

A LOT has occurred since my last blog.  My sister, Joyce, has moved to Texas!  She is living with us now & has started her new job.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she begins on this new journey. 

Elijah & I made the trek home to PA for a visit with my mom & dad.  We had a good trip.  It was a little long...but, Eli did great overall.  We started out on Tuesday, March 8 and made it to MS.  We drove through a good bit of rain, so by the time we arrived at the hotel, we were all exhausted.  Okay, so all the adults were tired.  The little man was wound up!  He was able to run out some energy & went to bed well.  We all slept great!  Wednesday we had a nice driving day.  We didn't have too much rain, just a little here & there.  We ended the night in VA.  Eli was wired again, but did go to bed well, but we had a rough night sleep.  Thursday we arrived in PA.  We were all glad!  It was so neat to watch Eli see his Aunt Allie, Uncle Brian, Dee-Dee & Be.  He ran right up to them & hugged them.  I was glad to see that.  Eli didn't remember our house here in PA, so that was a little sad to me, but he is young & that is understandable.  I am sure the memories here will be with family & friends.

We are now hanging with my sister & family.  I know that we will see a ton of people while we are here.  We will end our trip in Greenville, PA with Dan's family.  Eli has already been talking about Nanny & Poppy's.  I am sure he will have a great time with them as well!

So...before our journey home to PA...we were able to do many things.  We visited with family, my niece Renee came to town & my nephew, Roy Jr., and my nephew Phillip came.  It was so nice for my mom & dad to have so many grandchildren with them (and 2 great-grandchildren).  Who would've thought on their visit to TX that would happen?!  It was really nice!

Joyce, Eli & I had an adventure to the Houston Rodeo & Livestock show.  That was a LOT of fun!  We really enjoyed our day out there.  Eli loved seeing the animals.  I couldn't believe how big it is!  I know we are definitely planning to go back there next year!  Hopefully, Daddy will be able to go with us next year!

Speaking of Daddy...he has been home almost every weekend for the past couple months.  It has been really nice.  He was able to enjoy time with my parents & Eli which has been wonderful!  We are hoping that he stays busy for the time that we are in PA visiting.  He will be flying to join us in the beginning of April, so it will be nice to have a week together. 

Well, this post was to catch you up on the journey.  I will be posting more throughout our PA visit.

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