Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cherishable Conversations

My precious little man has been having some lovely conversations with me lately.  First of all, I will say that we have been enjoying our time here visiting in PA.  We are trying not to be too busy, but want to enjoy as much time visiting with friends and family as possible.  It is a little challenging at times simply because my little man is crazy sometimes.  However, in the vehicle, Eli & I have had some special moments.  Yesterday on our way to the grocery store the conversation was this:
I noticed that Eli was crying in his seat about 2 minutes after we left my sister's house.  So I asked him what was wrong, well..."Mommy, I want to be in Fennsylvanja to keep our kitty."  I told him that we had to give our kitty to another family so that he could be loved as we were moving to Texas.  Eli: "I want to live here in Fennsylvanja with the kitty & be their kid."  Oh dear.  I explained that Squirt was well taken care of & that he was loved.  Eli replied in tears, "Mommy, I want to pet something!"  I told him that he was going to be able to enjoy the 2 kitty's at Aunt Allie's & that he would have fun with Butter at Nanny & Poppy's.  He just kept crying the entire way in town.  Oh my.
Then...not another word about it...until TODAY.  On our way to Chambersburg he started to cry again.  I knew what was wrong as he had been playing with the cats at the house this morning.  Well, I asked him what was wrong & we went through a similar conversation as yesterday.  The other thing he said today was..."We can switch"  I asked him what he meant & he told me that he can go live with Squirt & stay there.  I told him he wouldn't be with mommy & daddy then, well, he said, No, you can stay with me too.  Then he asked me if he could be a kitty daddy.  Oh my!  My son is addicted to cats.  The one thing he remembers about PA is the cat.  He told me that he wants a kitty to play with all the day.  I know I'm a mean mommy, but I said...No!

So...that is the most drama I've had in a conversation with my son.  I am wondering if this is going to be a re-occurring conversation while we are here.  Time will tell.

Along with adorable conversations, my son has been going through some interesting stuff lately.  He has energy.  Lots & Lots of energy.  He has been trying my limits.  I am trying to learn how to handle him without yelling, which has been a challenge for me lately.  He is such a good kid & I know that.  I can't imagine my life without him.  However, man....he is pushing me!!!  I am ready for this stage to end, and even while I make that statement, I know that this moment will soon be a memory & I will be missing my little man.  So, I am trying to enjoy the moments and love him through the good & bad.  Okay, not bad...through the good & the challenging.  :-)

I will post some pictures of our visit so far.  We have enjoyed family & Eli has loved the attention!  Notice the smiles! :-)

Eli & Dee-Dee

Eli & Dexter

Eli & Aunt Allie

Eli took no time to become friends with the new member at church because of his bike!

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