Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So, I must begin this by saying that I never realized how much that statement meant until this trip.  Usually, I am the girl who could be on the go ALL the time.  I used to think that no matter what I would be fine with being away all the time.  Shoot...I have often wondered if I could be the type to hop into a RV & travel around for months at a time.  Well, after this month...nope...I don't think so anymore.  Either I am just becoming old and comfortable or...I am just realizing that I am enjoying being home.  I would like to think it is the latter of the two, but none the less, either way, I can just say I am glad to be home!

The trip was great.  It was nice to see friends and family that I haven't seen in a while.  It was tough to not be able to see everyone that I wanted to, but another thing I realized on this trip was you can't do everything.  I know, shocker, but true.  I couldn't do it all.  In any case, we had a LOT of fun.  Eli loved being around his family.  He was S P O I L E D by everyone!  Family, friends, EVERYONE!  My child is loved.  He is growing up fast & his personality is blossoming.  He is blessed.  We are blessed.  It was so neat to watch him visit with his "old" daycare friends.  He had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.  Now, mommy has to break the spoiling.  (& YES, he was very very spoiled!)

Since being home we have dealt with some sickness.  Eli's allergies have been running rampant.  I think we finally have them back under control thankfully.  I ended up feeling very rough on Sunday & Monday.  I have slept so much the past few days & today I have been much better.  We are thoroughly enjoying being back into the warm weather.  LOVIN' it rather.  Today, we spent some time at the splashpad & had a great time.  It is good to be back in shorts & flip flops all the time.  I have truly become a warm weather snob.  LOL.

This trip Eli had his first airplane ride.  He enjoyed it, but he was ready for it to be done.  He did well, but I can say that when he & mommy fly alone, I think we are going to have to do straight flights for a while.  Thank God that Daddy was with us because when we were in Charlotte airport we had quite a long trek, but we made it & it was good!  Dan & I both enjoyed sharing that memorable first moment with Eli.  His face was priceless as we took off.  He did like it, but was so glad to be home. 

The first thing Eli did when we got home was play with his toys.  He played, and played, and played...you get the point.  He LOVED being back home. 

All in all, it was nice to be with family & friends, but we are glad to be home.  Who would have thought that Texas would be home to me so soon?!  It is though & it is true that home is where the heart is!  We are having a great time loving life!

oh and now that I'm home...I'll be updating the blog more again!  YAY!!!  Enjoy some pics from our trip & today!  Love to all!

Eli & Poppy making cookies

My little frog man!

First flight!

My little man & I on his first flight!
Sound asleep...end of second flight.
Splash pad fun today!

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