Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessed? Yes!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted here & my what a week it has been!

My birthday--last Wednesday was my b-day.  It was a wonderful day!  We had a change of plans in the morning, but hey, that happens, you know?!  It ended up that Eli & I did some much needed grocery shopping.  Then...to the splash pad!  Who would have thought that I would not only be able to spend MY birthday in April in the water, but also be LIVING in the warm to spend it in the water.  Woo hoo!  Yippee!  My precious boy took a good nap after spending the time in the sun running around in the water.  Then...Aunt Joyce took us out for dinner.  We had a great time enjoying our delicious food at TGIFridays.  A little shopping before Bible study, which BTW, I was completely surprised by a little party from the ladies there.  They were so sweet to do that & made my day extra special.  All in all, the day was great!  Thank you Lord for another year of life!

So....moving right along...Thursday, Aunt Sandy came to visit.  Eli didn't have school due to the Easter break, so it all worked out very well.  We had beautiful weather for the day & it continued into the weekend.  One thing I forgot to mention is that on Wednesday Dan learned that he would be working in Houston ALL week!  So, he got home Friday afternoon & is here with us this week in the evenings.  It is great!  So, Friday, Good Friday, our church had an egg hunt that Aunt Sandy, Eli & I were able to enjoy.  The Easter celebration continued through the weekend & of course my little man was spoiled a little on Easter morning.  We had a great time with Aunt Sandy here & was glad she was able to make the trip.

So...this week.  Daddy goes to work in the morning & comes home at night.  Seems so normal.  HA HA.  It is funny how in some ways we are already getting on each other's nerves.  We are used to having our own space.  However, it is FANTASTIC having him here in the evenings to enjoy time with Elijah & Eli is loving that time with Daddy.  So, God knew, once again, what He was doing by giving us this week together.  It is a blessing & we are hoping to get a couple more weeks like this. 

So, all in all, in the past week we have been busy.  We have been blessed.  We have enjoyed moments with family and mostly enjoyed time together.  I am still feeling blessed about being at home with my little man & I am also still feeling great about our move & our new family & friends here.  What can I say?!  We are Blessed!  Praise God! 

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