Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So many things have been on my mind lately.  It is crazy.  You know when you are doing things for the Lord that the devil isn't happy.  He tries to manipulate your mind & get your focus to be elsewhere.  However, I can't let this happen.  The devil will NOT steal my joy.  I am claiming God's provisions.  His love.  His help.  His overwhelming strength.  I am claiming God as my champion!  Thank you Lord!

Now...having said that...some updates on us.  Elijah is growing up so quickly.  I can't believe it.  Only a little over a month & a half until he is 4.  That is absurd!  He still reminds me quite frequently how young he is, but I know my little man is going through some changes in his little body.  He has grown & continues to gain weight.  So...I know we will be good to go with the booster seat in a month!  Yay!!!  He constantly asks questions.  Over & over & over!  His mind is always going.  Today, I was taking him to Jumpalooza, so when we got in the car this was our conversation.

E: "Mommy, where does God live?"
M: "In heaven Bub."
E: "Well, I would like to see God so I can ask Him a question."
M: "What question do you want to ask Him?"
E: "I want to know if He has toys & other boys up there with Him that I can play with."

A lot of times this is how our conversations will go.  I will do my best to answer questions & then he will come off with some statement that throws me for a loop & well, I just won't have an answer.  If he notices something, he will ask about it. Most days it is nice to see things through his eyes.  Some days I silently pray he will not ask any more questions.  LOL.  Then, I am reminded, I am blessed with my little man.  I love to hear him laugh (as he is laughing right now sitting beside me), I love to cuddle with him at night & in the morning.  I love to hear his feet running across the floor.  I love to hear him tell me that "he loves me all day," and most of all I love that he is a healthy normal boy who gets into things sometimes, pulls my last nerve, gives me bruises, kisses me, loves me & I could go on & on.  My little man is doing great.  He is loving life & I am so glad!

Dan has been home with us for the past couple weeks.  Due to all of the inspectors having to go through 2 weeks of training he is working in Houston.  It has been nice having him here.  Eli has really enjoyed having some normalcy.  It appears that he will be home with us for a couple months & that is going to be a blessing.  God really does know what He is doing.  He placed Dan home at the time that we needed him.

So...tonight I will participate in my first ever Zumba class.  I am so nervous!  I will let you all know how it goes, if I am able to move, that is...LOL.  Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Love to all...

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