Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Me

You know what I like best about writing a blog?  No?  Well, it is the fact that I can bear my soul, be naked, be real, be completely vulnerable and if you don't like it, you can just stop reading it.  LOL.  Honestly though, it is refreshing to be open here & know that those who are reading this will love me anyhow.

So, that being we go. 

Lately things for me have been a little odd.  I had a routine physical in April and expected everything to be fine.  Well, it wasn't.  Took me completely by surprise.  Went to the specialist that my Doctor recommended and when I left that appointment I was fearing the worst.  This Dr had informed me that I would need major life changing surgery.  Well, 2nd opinion...many tests later and finally after a month go back...I'm good.  Things are a little out of whack & I have one minor issue, but now...going back in 3 months for further testing.  Thank God for the healing!  So...I thought, whew, all is well.  Apparently though, I am not finished with Doctors.  I have been having some other issues, these with my back & well, finally decided (my body forced me) to go to the Dr.  and now....tomorrow, I'm going to another specialist.  UGH!  In any case, I know it could be worse, but I broke down in tears.  I called Dan and for the first time in a year, I asked him to please take a day off tomorrow and come home.  He did.  :-)

So, in all of this madness, things have been a little out of whack for me since May when I first received results.  Actually, even though we have been in TX for almost a year now, I feel like I have never really finished settling.  I feel as though I always have something happening.  It is a good thing, but goodness, sometimes I could just handle a breather.

The biggest thing I miss is exercising.  I thought being home with Eli would allow me to run more.  Wrong.  In the past year, I think I have gone running a total of 3 times.  Now, with my back, running isn't in the picture.  Since we've moved I have gained weight.  It is tough for me.  I have beat myself up over this.  I think it is funny how people feel the need to tell you that you have gained weight.  Really?  No way!  I honestly think some people forget that you look at yourself in the mirror everyday and you dress yourself.  Anyhow...I have beat myself up over it too much already.  I don't need anyone else to do it.  If you think about it though, I would appreciate prayers as I endeavor to get back on track & lose the weight I gained & more.  I have to do it for me. 

Well, that is enough about me.

My little man started soccer tonight!!!!!  He is my cutie.  I was so excited that daddy was home with us to go tonight.  His first practice.  At first, he was completely shy, but as the hour went on he was ready to stay longer.  I hope we have a good soccer season.  I'm sure I will update more on this in the coming months.

Some of Eli's quotes lately...

Eli:"Mommy, you smell like mam-ma." Me: "Oh really?  How is that?"  E: "Like stinky dinosaur Love!"

Tonight in the tub..."Daddy, I should have brought my umbrella in here so you could use the water to rain on me!"

I leave you tonight with 2 videos of my little man.  Love to you all!

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