Monday, November 29, 2010

Wonderful Monday

If you would have asked me this morning as I was cleaning up spilled milk from me dropping the container of Elijah's Vanilla Silk let me tell you I wouldn't have thought it would have turned out as well as it did. Let's just say that was the worst thing that happened to me today. :-)
Elijah woke up early, but was in a VERY talkative mood today. He normally will let me sleep for a while as he watches TV, but today, nope. Not so much. That threw me off a bit, but I was just thankful he was being good & energetic as usual. He had preschool today so we got everything together & off we went. On our way there he talked & talked & talked. At one point I was laughing because he was just going on & on about the trees & the planes & all the wonderful things outside. He was too cute. As we were walking in he told me that he wasn't going to cry today & viola...he didn't!!! I was so thankful.

Then...I am enjoying some special treats this week. When we moved here & selected our electric company they told us we would get a welcome bonus. We recently received the bonus gift card & I was so excited. sweet husband told me to use it for me. So, this week I am getting an early Christmas gift. (Thanks Santa!) Today I enjoyed a pedicure & manicure....LOVELY. Thursday I am going to enjoy my first ever Facial! I am so excited!!! Here is a pic of my beautiful toes & fingers. :-)

So after some pampering & running a few errands I then went to get my little man from school. He did so well at school today! I was so proud of him. We had talked about going to pick an ornament, so we did. He did so well! Then....surprise of all surprise...he wanted to see Santa! He told me how excited Scoot would be that he saw Santa. Well, when we got to Santa, he didn't really want to see him, but he did. Afterwards he was so excited to tell Scoot & that is the first thing he did when we got home.

Scoot was in the kitchen today & with as well behaved as Eli has been lately I am starting to think that we need a Scoot all year round. LOL!
Tonight Eli & I ran to Walmart to make a quick pick up. Once we parked there was an employee taking in carts...Eli yells at the guy..."STOP, we need a cart!" I was laughing so hard! Then after we paid he told the cashier, "Bye, I love you all the time." Awww...he was crushing. Haha. :-)
It seems that this transition to Dan leaving for work has been much easier. I really think Eli is getting into the routine of life here in TX. It was odd today as the temp was close to 80 today. I was smiling as I was Christmas shopping in flip flops! Yup, I am really enjoying Texas!

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