Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Final Thoughts

So.....I want to thank you for enduring the month with me regarding adoption posts.  I know, I know, the end of the month isn't really here, but I am concluding this journey this evening unless something bright and new hits me for tomorrow.

I have lots of friends in my life that have adopted.  I seriously am blessed and thankful for those that are in my life.  One cool thing is, adoption is becoming a more accepted option.  I am so glad!  My kids will always grow up knowing all about it.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the fabulous.  There are so many different aspects and angles.  It is glorious.

Be sure to share with your kids.  Let them know how adoption is out there.  Read them books.  There are lots of books out there.  We have many for our kids, but there are also books out there for you to help your biological children to understand about adoption.

Look for ways to help.  Whether that be to encourage families in the wait, help them financially or just to be there to offer free babysitting when momma and daddy need a small breath.  Love on the kiddos.  Being adopted makes them normal.  Normal.  Just because they are adopted doesn't mean they need to be singled out.  It does mean they will deal with some things that biological children don't, but it also means that they will deal with some different situations.  They will be strong.

On adoption I didn't cover much about is International adoption.  Well, basically because I know very little about it.  I have several friends who have adopted internationally, but I don't know much of the insides of it.  I do know it is wonderful.  A great option!

So, I hope that you know.....I love adoption.  I am pro-adoption!  I am a mom thanks to adoption.  I am grateful for adoption and everything about it.

Please, let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I will be happy to answer them!  Thank you all for reading and being a part of this month!

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