Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Day

My little man slept until 8:30 this morning! That was amazing!!!! Honestly that was such a nice surprise & I'm not sure it will happen again anytime soon, so I enjoyed the moment!!! I'm hoping that we will enjoy more of those moments soon though. LOL.

Today was so nice as a family. After breakfast we went to mail our Christmas cards. I sent out quite a few, so I took them to the Post Office. It always feels so good to put them in the box. I really enjoy sending out Christmas cards. I pray that everyone who receives them enjoys the card as much as I enjoy sending them. Then we had a couple other stores to hit...finally getting some throw rugs for our house. I am telling you that between hanging things on the wall and placing some rugs and decorating for Christmas this house is becoming home!

Tonight we had guests for dinner. Our Pastor & his wife. What a great time we had. It was so nice to learn more about them & the church. We have found our new home church!

Elijah has been so good lately. He has really been a big helper for Daddy these past few days. It has been so neat to watch. Dan is so good with him. Today Elijah actually talked to Scoot. I told Scoot that Eli was so good at the stores today, but then he was in time out a little later....then when he was out of time out he went over & talked to him. Too cute! We have been having so much fun with Scoot! (I'm still hoping he is listening to what I'm wishing for too. ;-) )

Well, tomorrow will be our last day with Daddy home for the week or ???? He will leave tomorrow night for San Angelo for the week. We have been so thankful to have him home for this holiday weekend! What a blessing it has been.

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