Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trying Again

After trying to do this blog thing once & failing, I have decided (after a conversation with my niece) to try again. we go.

Today was a wonderful day. Elijah had school today (pre-school) and did great! He ate ALL of his lunch that I packed for him! That is a BIG deal. Lately I have been asking him what he wants packed in it & he usually does well, today was exceptional though. Every last drop was gone! I was so proud of him. While he was in school I enjoyed a complimentary haircut after obtaining it by asking a lady where she got her haircut. She actually worked at this place-The Conservatory Day Spa-and viola gave me one for free! It was wonderful. A girl named Kerri was my beautician & although I am not nearly as comfortable with her as I was Karen back in PA, at least she cut my hair unlike my first attempt here in TX when I left the salon wondering why I even went in. So, before I left I booked my next cut! Woo hoo! So thankful! After that I hung out with my niece at her house then picked up my little man & we went back & hung out some more! What a great time & lovely day!

So...Dan will be home for the weekend in 1 sleep for me & 2 sleeps for my little man. (he is going to be home late Friday night). So excited to have some good family time this weekend. Looking forward to just spending time together as we are learning to cherish those moments.

Oddly enough today I was talking to my mom on the phone & told her how much I am enjoying Texas. I really am, but wouldn't you know it that tonight...the devil is slamming that back in my face. I am missing home. I miss our youth. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss home. Not the cold weather, but I miss the comfort of home. However, in the same thought I know that I am home now. Home is where we make it. I am thankful for what I have.

To end on the best note I know how..tonight after I read Eli a couple books (which by the way, we went to the Library for the first time ever yesterday & Eli LOVES it!) Eli's said his good night prayer. This is how it went..."Dear Father Heavenly, I love God. Amen!" I just want to keep him young forever.

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