Monday, December 27, 2010

All Done

Christmas is over. Now what?! It seemed that the countdown to Christmas was helpful to me in so many ways. Now, I am counting down until my parents come to visit in February. I am really looking forward to having them here for the time.

Christmas day was a joy. Elijah was so excited when he came out & saw the presents. He was so cute with each item. I will post some pictures soon. I would say his favorite items are...the dragon castle from Nanny & Poppy, the camera from Aunt Allie & Uncle Brian, his jeep from Santa & his dump truck from mom & dad (and the other dragon pieces). He has been playing with his dragon stuff almost constantly. He especially likes his dragon from Scoot & he bought another dragon with money that Mam-ma & Pap-pa Great Davis sent him. He carries them around with him non stop.

The last two mornings Eli has been asking about & looking for Scoot. He is convinced that he is still here. Today he told me that Santa is going to come. I just laughed. I told him next year. So now, I am on a mission to get the tree down. He associates that with Santa. It has to go.

It was wonderful having Dan home for the long weekend & we are looking forward to another one this weekend.

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