Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Pics

As promised I am attaching some Christmas pictures. For those of you who have Facebook I will be posting more Christmas pics there.

Eli & I got Daddy his favorite hunting game for the Wii. Here Daddy is teaching Eli how to shoot the gun to play the game. Eli had a lot of fun playing with the gun. He kept telling Daddy before Christmas that we got him a shooting game. It's a good thing Daddy's ears aren't always attentive to the little man. LOL.

Eli playing with one of his dragons that he got Christmas morning. He LOVES his dragon stuff!

The first gift he opened Christmas morning. The camera from Aunt Allie, Uncle Brian, Dee-Dee & Be. He loves his camera. Here he is telling me "this is the camera I always wanted!" We opened it right away & he has been taking pictures daily. Most of the pics you can't tell what they are, but he is having a blast with it!

He opened his dragon castle on Christmas Eve while Skyping Nanny & Poppy since it was from them. He adores this castle. He has already had hours of fun with it!

The "Santa" gift. His big truck to ride in. Eli calls this his monster truck. So, on Christmas day we went outside to ride it a little. It was very cold out so we didn't last long, but since then he & I have taken it on some pretty nice rides, although I end up steering it still. He can't keep it straight. :-) With time I guess (I hope).
Overall a wonderful Christmas for 2010!!!

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