Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Day

Today we have had the most rain since we've been living here in Houston. As of right now we have received 1.89" & it continues to rain. So, knowing it was to rain today, outside activities were out of the question, so we planned to go to the Houston Children's Museum. Obviously us & 1/2 of Houston had the same idea. We arrived at the museum shortly after 10 & they opened at 10. We knew we were in trouble when there was a line to get into park. As we entered the museum it was pure madness!!! People everywhere. KIDS everywhere. We enjoyed it for a while, then decided that we would come back another day when it isn't so busy. Having a pass allows us to do that. Thank you Nanny & Poppy for that! We did have a little fun today & Eli always enjoys it, but we look forward to going back when it's not so busy.

Eli in the Vet clinic getting ready to take care of a puppy.

Eli shopping at HEB. He wanted to have some crab.

When we decided to leave, Julie & I thought we would stop & eat some lunch at Chick-fil-A so that the boys could play in the indoor play area. The highlight of the stop for Eli was the cow. He was OBSESSED with the cow. Had to say hi about 50 times & before we left he said goodbye to her about 6 times. When he thought he wasn't going to see her one last time before we left he threw a fit. Oh the joys of a screaming child in a restaurant. If you ever want everyone to look at you somewhere, just have a toddler with you. Guaranteed at some point they will all be looking. We survived, but I was happy to get home. :-)
Eli with "his best friend"
Today being Wednesday we found out where Dan will be next week. Thankfully we will have him home for this weekend. He will be home tomorrow night. However, he will be leaving Saturday/Sunday night at midnight. He has to report to Lampassas at 4am. Originally we thought he was going to be in Gonzales, but then they changed it. Oh well. He will be working next week Sunday-Saturday, so most likely will not be home next weekend. We will enjoy the moments this weekend as we welcome in the new year with our family all together.
New you have any "resolutions?" How about goals for 2011? I think of them as goals. I do have some. I am so thankful for the fresh year to start aiming towards those goals. I will share along the way of what is going on in my life. Just know that I value your friendships & cherish your encouragement & prayers as this year is bound to bring many new adventures for me.
I'll end with one final note. My son has been speaking "his" language a lot lately. When I asked him today what he was saying...he told me, "I'm talking to Ms. Susi in her language. I miss her." (For those who may not know, Ms. Susi was his teacher in Newburg & she is from Germany & would sometimes speak German to the kids.) All I know child has an active imagination!

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