Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since moving to Texas, Wednesday has become the most anticipated day of the week. Simply because Wednesday is the day that Dan will most likely find out his assignment for the next week. So, today I am waiting with much anticipation to hear where he will be next week. -So since I started writing this blog & now I learned that Dan will be home this weekend! He will be working about 2 1/2 hours away next week. Yay!

Scoot was blending in today in Mommy's stocking. It took Elijah quite a while to notice him, but when he did...he was soooo excited. He has started talking to Scoot everyday, however, most times he whispers to him & I have no idea what he says. It really has been fun with Scoot around.

Last night at bedtime Eli was saying his prayers & this is what he prayed. "Dear Father in heaven, thank you for mommy & daddy finding me so I am not lost. Amen." I am not sure what he meant it or what he was thinking about, however, it brought tears to my eyes. I think about the gift that God gave us by blessing us with this little man. Finding him so he is not lost...I pray that Elijah will remember that feeling & "find" God as he matures so he will not be lost. The one focus that I have right now as Elijah mommy is to ensure that he is taken care of not only physically, mentally & emotionally, but also spiritually. We are praying that God will use this little man in a great way in his life. I am trusting that to be so.

This afternoon Elijah & I were working on his homework for preschool tomorrow. The letter they are working on right now is J. When he was tracing it I asked him what letter it was. He just looked at me & said "hook" and continued tracing. Hmmm... what age do kids decide if they will be left or right handed? Elijah continues to use both constantly. I can't even tell what hand he has more control with. I am just curious & will be interesting to see how it pans out.

We just got back from a nice long walk/bike ride. It is such a beautiful day out today. I knew we would both enjoy some time out. Elijah does so well riding his bike. I can't believe how big he is getting. When I was watching him ride I found myself thinking that his training wheels need to come off soon. Really? Wow. Time is flying by. How did I end up with a boy that needs to have his training wheels removed already? Unreal! To top things off his bike that we bought for him 6 months ago for his birthday is already starting to look too small for him. That is funny because when we bought it was big & Dan & I thought this will be great for him for a while. Haha. The joke is apparently on us now.

So, as most of you know I have a goal in life to run a marathon. That goal seems to have taken a back burner for me lately. Which is kind-of funny seeing how I THOUGHT I would have so much more time to exercise now. Although now the challenge is getting in a good work out while paying attention to a 3 year old. It's not that easy. When I run, I have to listen to music & get in my "zone." So, while it is nice that Eli can ride his bike while I run, the difficult thing is I can't zone out because I constantly have to make sure he is okay. Thus...I don't get into my groove. So...I've been thinking about what I can do in the meantime while Eli still needs constant supervision. Walking I can do. I can walk without music (although I much prefer it), but even if I have music I can walk & concentrate on him. So...I have always been a huge Breast Cancer Awareness advocate & always thought it would be awesome to participate in the Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Well, I've been seeing ads for it for the Houston one. It is April 16 & 17. This is a 2 day walk. In the two days you would walk 39 miles. The first day is 26.2 ( A MARATHON!!!) So, I am really wanting to do this!!! My hold up is...they encourage you to raise $1800 per participant for Breast Cancer Awareness, which I am all for, but that's a lot. I also am really not wanting to do it by myself & although I know other people will be there, but I would love someone to walk with me. Anyone interested in coming to Houston for the weekend to do it with me????

While eating lunch today Elijah made me laugh. My son is not really a ketchup eater. In fact normally if there is ketchup on something he won't touch it. So, today he asked for ketchup to dip his cucumber in. First off I said no you won't like it. Well, he asked again & again. I gave him a dab of ketchup on his plate. He proceeded to place the cucumber in it & took a bite. The look on his face was priceless. He then agreed, that was yucky! Oh that was a great moment!

To end today I would like to remind you that Christmas is only 24 days away! :-) I think I'm going to wrap gifts tonight when Eli goes to bed! Woo Hoo!!!

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