Thursday, December 2, 2010


"MOMMY....I FOUND SCOOT!" Eli came running into the bathroom this morning while I was taking a shower to tell me about where Scoot was. As soon as I stepped out he insisted that I come out & see him. He was so excited that Scoot was sitting in the tree. As I was getting dressed I could hear him chatting with Scoot telling him that he was sorry that he wasn't good yesterday, but if he could please tell Santa he will be good today. I just smiled & chuckled a little. This Scoot thing has been so much fun. Thanks Sarah for telling us about it!

Elijah cracks me up. This morning we were laying in bed & he just looks at me & says "Take a picture Mommy, CHEESE!" So, as you see below...I did. Quite a ham I have.

A few other "Elijahisms" (I know that is NOT a word) for the day were:

"Never mind, I CAN see my eyebrows!"

"Why do you eat ice cream like soap?" (no, we weren't eating Ice Cream...this was during breakfast)

"How do cough catchers scare me all day?"

Me: "Eli, who is your best friend at school?"

Eli: "Kaylee"

Me: "Kaylee?! That's so nice!"

Eli: "Wait a minute; who is Kaylee?"

I busted up laughing. Needless to say when we got to school I noticed that there isn't a Kaylee in his class. There is a Kaitlyn. No wonder he was confused. LOL

Sometimes I wonder if Elijah will be a vegetarian. I am so thankful that he eats fruits & vegetables though. Today for lunch he asked me to pack him ham, nuts, grapes & cucumbers. He ate all his grapes & cucumbers. For dinner I was having a spinach salad & chicken sausage. He & Maddie were having chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, carrots & oranges. Eli ate...celery, spinach, carrots, oranges & cucumbers. Hmmm...I made him eat a couple chicken nuggets just to try to have something of substance in his stomach.

Today...I had a facial. (Thanks babe). I really enjoyed it. The facial was more like a head to toe relaxation. It started with a foot soak...then facial stuff...scalp massage...shoulder, hands, arms, legs & feet massage. It was wonderful. I am just trying to decide if I prefer it or just a normal massage. Simply because the amount of stuff they put on your face really feels heavy to me. I am certain it is the moisturizer & well, I just don't handle moisturizers well...although maybe I should because the girl told me I may benefit from the anti aging facial the next time. Bahaha. I guess I'm getting old.

My friendly reminder...23 more days until Christmas!

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