Friday, December 17, 2010

Days of Christmas Continued

The miracle of Christmas for me continues as Day 3 the knock on the door came & when I opened it here is what I received...
The note reads...The candle symbolizes that Christ is the light of the world, and when we see this great light we are reminded of He who displaces the darkness.

Then last night day 4 the knock on the door revealed...

The Wreath...The wreath symbolizes the real nature of love. Real love never ceases. Love is one continuous round of affection.
WOW. Okay, so I know I've said it before, but again it bears repeating. This is amazing. I have never felt so giddy about something that is happening to me. Okay, so maybe I have, but not in a while. I truly feel blessed. In some ways I really want to know who it is that is blessing me with these things, but then in other ways I don't want to know for fear that I will feel the need to "repay" the blessing. I could never return this blessing. Honestly, this has provided happiness, joy, smiles, excitement, delicious goodies, warm smells, anticipation and just a feeling of being loved. I wish I could do this for everyone in my life at some point. It really has shown me a whole new side of Christmas! Honestly. I know the real reason for the season & I believe that. I enjoy the Santa side of the season with my little man, but this...bringing me back to remind me of all the symbols & what they mean, it has provided new life to me. I have to be honest, I have been skeptical about when it will end. Really, the symbols...are there 12? I guess I will wait & see. I will keep you all posted so you can enjoy the journey with me.
Elijah---my dear precious child has been quite the handful lately. He hasn't been sleeping well again through the night. He is scared. He keeps telling us there are monsters & wolves in his room. It has been trying as I don't do well with little sleep. I'm okay for a while, but day after day after day, well...that is a different story. He has been ending up in bed with me more than I would like lately. I try to get him to go back to his bed & take him there, but he ends up back with me. I've been averaging about 4 hours of good sleep a night lately, which is okay, but I'm hoping he gets through this stage quickly & we can get back to normal. It doesn't seem to matter how much he sleeps, he is usually awake by 5:45-6 each morning. Today he did sleep in a little longer which I was SOOOO happy about!!!
Eli had his Christmas play at school on Thursday. It was really cute. I wish I had pictures to post, however, all 3 sets of batteries I had with me for my camera would not work, UGH & I was too far back to get a decent photo with my phone. So...the pic below is of Eli in his classroom after the program for a little party. Eli didn't smile the entire show anyhow...he kept trying to see me & couldn't. He even had his teacher looking for me. It was really cute, but I wish he would've participated. At least this time he didn't move around like he did in Newburg this past summer. :-) I guess I may have to face up to the fact that he may not be a performer :-(. Oh well, whatever he wants to be is good with me. So, on that is out for the Holidays & so now I am trying to think of things to keep my active 3 year old busy. Should be fun.

As I post this you have 8 more days until Christmas! I can't believe it is almost here!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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