Monday, January 17, 2011


Today was a FANTASTIC Monday!  This morning was a peaceful one.  Eli was so excited about his friends coming for a playdate, but he did so well for me.  Then our friends came.  Eli, Maddie & Little G all played so well together today.  It took a little while for them to get started, but they did great!  Of course we had a couple moments, but the time flew by!  We enjoyed our lunch and the next thing we knew it was 2:30.  What a great time for all of us Mother's to chat!

This evening after dinner I finally got to run!  Oh how I have MISSED running!  I didn't realize how much until I stepped on the treadmill tonight.  I decided to run while Eli was awake instead of waiting until he went to bed.  It was great!  Eli entertained himself by making his own treadmill to run on while I ran.  It was so cute.  Overall it was a great run!

So now, I'm enjoying an evening of relaxation.  Tomorrow, off to the zoo! 

Only 15 sleeps until my parents are here!!!

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