Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Wow!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted a blog.  Since my last post a LOT has happened!  So, here is some of the run down...

Last week I struggled a bit.  Mostly with feeling ill.  I wasn't sure if I was getting something major or what, but thankfully, although I am still coughing, I do feel better.  However, I am determining that it is most likely allergies that I am dealing with.  Lovely.  I guess that is what comes with living in the warmer weather & so...I WILL take it.  This past week at WW I managed to lose 3.2lbs.  WOO HOO!!!  I was so excited!  After a rough 2nd week I was thankful to have a nice loss.  I think some of that may be due to the fact that I was drinking a TON of iced tea trying to flush my system, but hey...I'll take it.  I'm going to keep going & I will get off what I want to, no matter how long it takes.  I didn't get to run much last week with feeling under the weather, but this week I am back into it.  I love running!!!  The Houston Marathon happened today & I told Dan that someday I will be running in that marathon.  Someday!

Dan...he was home with us for another weekend!  WOO HOO!!!  We had a great time this weekend & we were able to get a lot of cleaning done in the house.  I was so thankful.  Dan is heading back to Coke, TX this week, so we know that we will be able to have him home for at least next Saturday.  So...super excited that we have so many moments shared in the weekends.  What a difference it makes!!!

Elijah...busy...busy...busy.  That kid keeps me going.  Thursday he had lots of fun at school & Friday we had so much fun with Ms. Julie & Little G & then Daddy was home!!!  He has had a fun filled weekend.  He & Daddy were able to "share" some moments together & that was so good for all of us.  One thing this weekend that Eli & Daddy did was sword fighting & Eli loved dressing up as a viking!  He is too cute. is a picture, although not the best "action" shot, but he really does love it!
Elijah definitely keeps us busy.  One thing he kept asking me to do this weekend was to say my "WOO WOO" which was his way of asking me to WOO HOO!!!  So, I would do it for him.  He loves it.  We all laugh & I hope he always likes the way Mommy says that. LOL.  (I doubt that will happen, but a momma can dream, right?!)

So, I have become quite a cooker lately.  I think secretively Dan is surprised.  Although, maybe now he is scared because I told him that I am requesting some good kitchen knives for a gift at some point.  Really?!  Who would've ever thought that I would've asked for knives?!  Well, I must admit that I am pleasantly shocked at how much I am actually enjoying cooking.  I am actually making menus & finding it nice to cook & eat at home rather than to eat out.  So, the good news is, it's better for us & in the long run we are saving money.  (Although I am grocery shopping more than ever before!) I know that I am not a Rachel Ray, nor will ever be, but...hey, I'm trying.

In other Mom & Dad will be here in 2, count them...2 sleeps!!!!  Eli was so excited tonight about seeing them!  He told us though, that he is NOT a booger.  (My mom sometimes called him her little booger).  Nice.  I was laughing so hard.

In other, other news...My sister, Joyce, will be flying into Houston on Thursday to have an interview at a hospital here.  So, we are praying for God's will to be done in her life.  I know that He will guide her where she is to be.  She has been trying to find a job in various states and now has an interview here, so...only time will tell.  I will keep you posted, but thank you for including her in your prayers as she desires to be only where God would have her to be.

One more final thing before I close...I must say this one more time.  *OK, so I'm sure I will say it many more times...* WE LOVE OUR CHURCH!!!  The Pastor's and Leadership team are wonderful & we are incredibly blessed by the Church family.  I am so excited about what God is teaching us in the services & extremely excited about being in my Wednesday night Women's bible study.  Eli loves the church too (which he calls the "Train" church because he gets to play with Trains) and the people who are in his classroom are amazing.  We are ALL blessed!

So, I will leave you with this video of Dan rocking Eli tonight before bed.  Too Sweet not to share!  WOO HOO!  Love my men!!!


  1. Thank you for this post. Once again I feel so much closer to you all. It is good to hear, that Elijah sings as well as his old teacher. This was probably the way, I was and still am singing this song to my kids. I love and miss you all!