Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

I want to first start by acknowledging that I haven't been here for a while, but with good reason (well, mostly) any case, on May 5th, Dan & I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since our wedding.  We have been through a lot together in those 10 years, but we are thankful that God has enabled us to endure the challenges put in our path.  We are still facing challenges, but with God's help we will continue on.  I'm thankful for Dan, for the husband that he is & the father that he is.  God has blessed me.

I want to talk a little about the Saturday before Mother's day.  This day is Birth-Mother's day.  Not a day celebrated by everyone, but in our family, this day is very important!  We have a birth mom that we celebrate on this day.  We are incredibly blessed by her.  She chose to give us an opportunity that we otherwise wouldn't have had.  I pray that as Elijah grows up this day will be special to him as well.  My prayer is that he will thank her for her sacrifice.  My prayer is that he will love her & know that she loved him so much that she gave him a mommy & a daddy.  So, birth-mother's day...we honor all birth mom's...ours & other's on this day.

Mother's day was nice.  I ended up so sick, but it was nice to have my boys home with me.  I realize how precious time is.  I don't take these days for granted.  I used to long to celebrate this day as a mom myself, so this special day is just that for me.  Special.  I don't know how or what other people do in their households for this day, but in my house this day will always be a special day. (at least if I have anything to say about it.)

Something I have been thinking about lately...we judge people so quickly.  We judge by the car they drive, we judge by the clothes they are wearing, we judge people by how they talk, well...we judge.  We always say, "don't judge a book by its cover," but let me tell you, we do it.  The sad thing is, we really have NO clue what people are going through.  We have no idea what their day has been like.  We don't know if they are working 3 jobs just to tend to family or what.  So what gives us the right to judge?  What gives us the right to look at someones "stuff" and make a decision on what they are like?  Think about it next time.  Before you judge...think.  If we all do this it will be a better place.

Something else I've been thinking about (yup, I've had a lot of time since being sick) we think about ourselves & how it affects our children.  Kids listen to us all the time.  I know I am guilty of this.  Cutting myself down is almost too easy.  I started to think about how much Eli is listening to this.  I want him to grow up respecting me, but if I don't respect myself, what does that tell him?  Also, do I want him to grow up cutting himself down?!  NO WAY!  So...I am making an effort to be content with me.  If I have issues I need to keep them to myself.  I need to be confident in me, no matter what I feel other people think.  Just me being real...

So, our little Eli is so smart.  He asks questions all the time!  He also comes up with things in ways that we wouldn't even think.  For instance...we had a caterpillar that transformed into a butterfly.  Eli told his daddy that the butterfly was like Jesus.  He died and came back.  WOW.  Talk about a proud moment.  You betcha little man, Jesus is just like that butterfly & the best thing is, because of Him, we can be a beautiful butterfly!!!  Eli also has been asking a lot about his color lately.  He asked us why God made us different colors.  On any given day we never know what he will come up with next.  Today he told me that my polka dots were beautiful on me (talking about my freckles).  One more thing about my little man...he is obsessed with dirt.  When he plays outside guaranteed he will come in covered from head to toe.  I'm just glad he can have a good time.

So...summer begins soon.  Eli's last week at school is next week.  We have a lot of plans already for the summer.  Eli is enrolled in swim lessons.  I am enrolled in a bible study on Thursday mornings.  Eli is enrolled in a 3 day vacation bible school.  Daddy is taking a vacation & we are going to go to the circus!  We have visitors coming & we are oober excited to spend lots of time at the beach!  It is going to be a great summer!  I can't wait to share all about our fun!

For now, I will leave you with all of my random thoughts.  Peace Out.  LOL.

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