Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 12

Music.  I am so thankful for music.  I have enjoyed music from an early age.  It comforted me.  It probably helped that I didn't grow up with a television, so my spare time was spent either reading or listening to or playing music.  As a young girl I am fairly certain that I had the radio on in my room on a consistent basis.  Do you remember the days when we would record songs off the radio?  LOL!  I used to listen to the radio for HOURS to win contests.  Oh, and when I did win contests, I would record myself!  LOL!  Oh, the good memories. 

In school, I was one of those kids that loved music class.  I was so intent on listening and learning all I could.  I would sing at the top of my lungs, (because that is what we did in church afterall), and when it came time to learn how to play the recorder in 4th grade I was soooo excited!  In fact, I still own my recorder.  My son now enjoys playing it.  I practiced that thing all the time.  Also in 4th grade you could join the orchestra.  So, since my brother Brian played the string bass, and I wanted to be like him, I decided to play the string bass.  After 2 years of that, I realized that was NOT my instrument.  In 5th grade we were able to join the band.  I begged my parents to allow me to play the flute.  Well, my dad, being the practical one, decided that I needed to play the trombone.  My brother Alan had played the trombone, so we owned one already.  So, my Dad made me a the trombone for a year, do well, and then in 6th grade we will buy you a flute if you still want to stick with it.  Well, I "played" the trombone for that year.  I barely passed.  I HATED it.  Secretly I wanted to try to break the trombone so I couldn't play it, but I knew my dad was serious & I had to pass.  I did pass, but barely.  Back then we either received O for Outstanding, S for Satisfactory or U for Unsatisfactory for our Band class.  Well, I earned a S.  Just barely.  My friend Chad told on me and I almost failed.  At the concert, I just moved my slide back & forth.  Didn't play at all.  I HATED it, remember?!  Well, thankfully, I passed & in 6th grade I started playing the flute.  I will never forget buying my first flute.  We found one for a great deal & I LOVED it.  I worked so hard (I had to take band with 5th graders since I was starting a new instrument), but soon I was ahead & moved up with the rest of the 6th graders.  In junior high, I was determined and sat 1st chair in 8th & 9th grade.  In High School...still loved it.  Started private lessons & by 11th grade was 1st chair again.  I continued to play flute through college in the praise band (not college band--I was done with marching), but I loved and still love to play my flute.  Oh, and by the way, my Daddy bought me my open holed flute in 10th grade.  I still have it & it is still in fantastic shape. 

I also took piano lessons---which, I didn't love so much and I started voice lessons in 10th grade, which I LOVED.  I went on to college & graduated Liberty University with my Bachelor of Vocal Performance degree. 

One thing I determined as a teenager is that I needed to use my musical abilities for the Lord.  So, I did/do just that.  I try to use the talents He has blessed me with in any way that I can for Him. 

One other way the Lord blessed me is that I was able to teach private voice & flute lessons.  I did so for 11 years.  It was tough to give it up, but needed to be done at that time for my family.  I sure do miss those kids though!!!! 

Anyhow, music impacts my life on a daily basis.  I am constantly listening to music.  My iPod has over 6,000 songs on it.  I joke that it is bi-polar because it has such a vast variety of music.  So, before I continue to go on & on about this subject I will conclude.  I am so thankful God gave me music.  I am so thankful for the blessing that I receive from it & most of all, I am thankful I can worship Him with music!

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