Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful- November 2, 2012

Today, even though it is only the 2nd day of this Thanksgiving November, it has been one of those days where I've struggled with thoughts of Thanksgiving & where I've been overwhelmed with so many things that I am thankful for.  So, without further adieu, today I am thankful for...Dave Ramsey.  I am thankful for Financial Peace University.  I am thankful that my life is changing from this course.  I am thankful that Eli's life is going to be greatly impacted by this course. 

I (we) have made many financial mistakes in our lives.  I really never thought that I would be one to take this course.  Let's be real, who has the money to always pay cash?  Really?  Well, that is what I used to think.  We are working hard to become one of those people.  It will take us a long time, I am sure, however, we plan on taking the journey.

So, Thank you Lord for this Financial Journey in my life.  Thank you Lord for helping us make better choices, although some days I honestly feel it may kill me. 

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