Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks Day 24

I am thankful for turkey.  Turkey?!  Yup, turkey. 

I deal with chronic back pain, which has been found to be a part of a medical issue that I have on going.  One of the things that adds to it is beef.  I've learned that beef is a natural inflammatory, so, we have pretty much stopped eating red meat in the Davis household.  Every now & then we will have a burger or meatballs, but, chicken, turkey & fish are our main meat choices.

Buying ground turkey, well, it is NOT cheap.  Honestly, I would try & stock up on it when I could find it on sale or in bulk, which was seldom.  But, it is what it is & ground turkey is what we use.

So, today...Dan & I were trying to decide what to do.  God had blessed us this month & our budget allowed a little extra for groceries.  Our Sam's club membership has expired and we were thinking we would go there, renew & stock up on some stuff.  However, after talking about things we decided that we didn't really need anything big from Sam's & should just go to HEB (our local grocery) and get our groceries for the week & be done with it. 

While at HEB I needed to pick up a pork roast for this week, so we were walking through the meat section...just as the meat manager was putting out whole Turkeys for $5 each.  WHAT?!  Well, we grabbed 3 of them.  Dan had purchased a meat grinder several years back when he hunted and would grind his own deer meat.  We haven't used it here in TX yet, but still have it.  I am blessed that my husband is a butcher by trade.  He knows what he is doing when it comes to boning out a turkey.  He ended up going back to HEB & bought 8 more.  So, we are putting 1 in the freezer whole and cut & ground the others into ground meat.  Plus, we are making broth to freeze.  All total we were able to put 83 lbs of ground turkey in the freezer & 20 Turkey Wings & approx 15 gallons of broth.  Not bad for $50?!

BLESSING?!  I say absolutely.  We are good on ground turkey for quite a while.  HUGE BLESSING!  I believe that God rewarded us for sticking with out budget and not over spending at Sam's on items that we don't absolutely need at the moment.  I believe God allowed Dan to be here today so that we could do this.  We are marking our calendar for next November for after Thanksgiving to go & see if we can do this again.  Thank you Lord for this blessing that has us well stocked for ground meat for next year!

Eli excited to see the turkey grinding & wanting to learn how to do it!

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