Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 25

Today, I am thankful.  So thankful for my church family.  Lake Houston Church of Nazarene (LHCN) family.  2 years ago when we moved to TX the task of finding a church home was our first and largest priority. 

When Dan & I were here in July 2010 on our house hunting trip we passed LHCN.  I told Dan immediately that I wanted to visit that church.  Knowing nothing about it, but just felt that I wanted to visit there. I did research online & we decided it was one that we definitely wanted to go to check it out.

Well, we did check it out & by November 2010 we determined there was no point trying anywhere else.  To be honest, our first day there we knew.  We knew we were home.

Since then, life has been amazing.  We can't say enough about our church family.  We have so many friends there & are pushed in our walk with God.  I grow so much from the feedings of the sermons.  I love participating in things that I can.  I love helping when I can & I purely, simply, LOVE the people. 

So, today, having shared a good portion of my day with my LHCN family, I am extremely thankful for each & every one of them.  I love how we come together to help when needed.  I love how we come together to help encourage others.  I love how we laugh together, cry together, celebrate together & mostly pray together.  Our church holds tight.  We are truly bound together in Love.  We are united first with our love for our Savior & then one another.

LHCN family...thank you.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for loving others.  Thank you for teaching me how to love one another by showing me.  I look forward to learning & growing in Christ with you.

The church t-shirt

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