Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks Day 26

Okay, so no secret here, I barely cooked before moving to TX (as I've said before) but, now I do.  We all get busy.  When I moved here I was inspired by my niece, Sarah, to menu plan.  I hate menu planning.  Have I mentioned, that I absolutely DETEST menu planning?!  However, she(Sarah) gave me a template and everything to begin my own meal planning. 

So, I did it.  For a while.  On & off, but wasn't really consistent with it.  Well, about a month ago I decided it was time again.  I needed to plan, so that I could better budget grocery planning, etc.  So I started planning 2 weeks at a time.  Then, my friend Julie & I were talking one day and she mentioned that she would be interested in doing a menu.

So, we started.  We get together every 2 weeks for about 1-2 hours and plan 2 weeks worth of menus.  This way, we know our schedule.  We know what days we need to have easy meals planned etc.  I am so thankful for this.  I am thankful for the friendship of Julie to be willing to do this with me.  I am thankful to Sarah for helping me originate this.  As difficult as it is sometimes, I am so thankful to have this menu for when I am planning my budget, for when I am planning my grocery trips and for when I am looking at my week.  What a blessing.

Last week, Julie & I got together & planned 4 weeks out.  Simply because of the holiday season.  We knew that life would get crazy & it would be easier to have 4 weeks planned out.  Perfect!!!!

So, today, I am thankful for Meal planning.  Lame, you say?  I say, NO way!  Try it!!!  It really is great!!!

4 Weeks of menu planning

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