Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day of Thanksgiving #27

I am so thankful for this time of year.  Easter is my favorite holiday, but Christmas is also a close favorite.  I am thankful for the time together with friends.  I love the house decorated (although I don't like the decorating part), I love the Christmas movies and I love the overall expression of giving. 

This year I am especially thankful for the enjoyment of seeing this season through the eyes of Elijah.  He is so excited.  He is enjoying every moment of this.  From decorating the tree & house with Daddy to reading Christmas books to singing Christmas songs with Mommy and looking for Scoot (our elf on the shelf) every morning.  He is loving it. 

I love this part!  He has asked for one main thing from Santa & Santa already has the item, so this momma is excited for Christmas morning.

The main reason I am excited & thankful for this holiday, is the birth of my Lord.  We are celebrating Jesus' birthday!  Eli & I were talking about it today & he was trying to understand why we give gifts for Jesus' birthday & asking what gift we give Him.  Wow!  I was humbled.

So, tonight as I write this, I wonder, what gift will you be giving Jesus this year?  He continues to bless me over & over again.  I want to be sure to give to Him. 

Thankful for a renewed meaning of Christmas thru the eyes of a child.

Eli's first Christmas 2007

First Christmas 2007

First trip to see Santa 2007
Eli admiring this year's tree 2012

Scoot--our Elf 2012

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