Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks Day #28

As I have stated in previous blogs, I am so incredibly thankful for my friends.  Each one of you have an important role in my life & I am so thankful for you.
There is a special friend who I see almost daily.  She is like my sister in Texas.  She happens to live next door.  I am so thankful for Angie.  I am thankful God saw fit to put her in our lives.  It’s amazing how God always gives us who we need. 

With Dan traveling so much my evenings quickly became a little lonely.  A little over a year ago we invited Angie over for dinner & she joins us pretty much every night.  It is great for me, because I actually get adult conversation. 
Angie has become an amazing friend.  She goes out of her way to help us.  She keeps our dogs when we are away (even if for an extended period of time) and she pretty much helps whenever or however she can.

So, tonight I sit feeling blessed.  I appreciate the kindness.  I appreciate the love that I feel from her.  I appreciate how she is an “Aunt” to Eli in many ways.  I appreciate how she loves him.  I am thankful for the family we have in our neighbor.
Thank you Lord for blessing our family!

Angie & I

Eli & Aunt Angie

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