Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 19

I am so thankful for play dates.  I am not sure that a stay at home mom's keep their sanity without play dates!  Whether it be going somewhere or simply going to another home or having children come over here to play, it is amazing.  So refreshing to be able to have adult conversation while the kids are playing. 

Today as my friend Julie & I prepared our menu for the next 4 weeks (we usually do 2 weeks at a time, but due to the holiday season we did 4 this time)...the kids (my 1 & her 2) played and kept themselves busy.  It was so nice.  We accomplished a lot while they played & we were able to check something off our list.

So, play dates...they are a big part of our life.  We appreciate them.  Not only for my sanity, but for Eli's social interaction & his sanity as well!!!  :)  Thank you Lord for many friends that are willing to have them with us!

Garner & Eli in 2010

Play date at home...

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