Monday, November 14, 2016

Help Needed NOW.....

Let me introduce you to Steven and Katie Snyder and their son, Sam.

Here is some information from Katie. "We have wanted to build our family through adoption for as long as we can remember. About 3 years ago, we started the process. We were almost immediately matched with twin baby girls, due Sept 2014. This was our first failed adoption. Heartbroken, we moved on. We were matched with a baby girl due in February 2015 from a different agency. This birthmom promised not to break our hearts as we poured into her for the next months. Our lives changed forever at 11:30pm on October 20. We got a call that a birthmom with our original agency selected us. A baby boy expected in just 2 days!! We had our baby boy, Sam, in our arms by that Friday. Being near our February birthmom, we got to meet with her. She fell in love with our Sam (like everyone who meets him) and we came home with the anticipation of having our version of twins by February! So we thought. In January, we got a call that they baby was born and to head that way. We came home empty handed. She decided to parent. What we eventually found out was that we were caught in adoption fraud. Now, we are starting the process again, but without the money that was given to the twin's birthmom and our last birthmom."

Fast forward to now.....they have been contacted by Sammy's adoption agency & his birthmom is pregnant and wants to place with them!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing y'all! Here is the catch. THEY HAVE 24 HRS TO RAISE THEIR FUNDS. Please, with everything in me, I implore you to help. You see, I believe this has happened at the exact right time. Today, I get a verse of the day from the radio station, and that verse today is Jeremiah 29:11--"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you!"

Also, listen y'all, yesterday was orphan Sunday! Yesterday! I know a lot of churches give charge on Orphan Sunday to do your part and help. LISTEN UP......Here is YOUR chance! $5. $10. $100. $1000. Whatever you can give will help! Want to help the life of a child? Donate! T

This is the season of giving. This is the month of Thanksgiving. This is National Adoption Month. C'mon y'all.....Let's help this precious family out!

Join me. Share this fund. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....give. Maybe instead of that extra gift you were going to buy for your child for Christmas....what if you use that money & help this child. What if you give up a weeks worth of fun purchased coffee. What if you packed your lunch this week instead of eating out. What if, you give $2 and share it and your friend gives $2 and they share and so on......Let's do this!

Thanks for reading & even possibly giving.  My heart will always bleed adoption!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! We have no words for outpouring of support for our family!