Tuesday, November 15, 2016

World Adoption Day

Today.....November 15, 2016 is World Adoption DAY!

"Millions of families have been touched by adoption, in fact, 50% of the United States have a personal connection to adoption.  But, many of those stories go untold & uncelebrated.  That is why we have World Adoption Day!  So, why World Adoption Day?  Why is this so important?  The reality is that 80% of the prisoners in the United States have 1 thing in common...they've all been through our foster care system.  80% of women who are trafficked through this country, have all been through our foster care system.  At some point, in all of their lives, the family unit dissolved.  So, where preservation and reunification fail, ADOPTION is the answer.  Because family is the answer to almost everything.  Together, we can create a family for every child..."

This is taken directly from a video placed on Facebook by World Adoption Day organization.  IF you have Facebook....check it out.... https://www.facebook.com/WorldAdoptionDay/?fref=ts

If not, check out their website... http://worldadoptionday.org

Truly, these statistics make me hurt.  Every child deserves a family.

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