Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The continuing journey

Life.  Life had changed for us quite a bit since Eli joined our family.  In 2010, we  moved to TX.  I stopped working outside of the home and Dan started traveling for work. It was tough.  We missed being with him every evening, but Eli & I made the best of it. Eli started to pray nightly for 2 specific items.  Daddy to be home full time and a baby sister.  Yup, I laughed inside every night about the baby sister prayer.

One day while Eli was at preschool, I was shopping at Carter's on their clearance rack.  Eli was 4.  I found a size 6 shirt that was less than $1.  I picked it up.  The front of this shirt said....Big Brother.  Now, mind you, at this point, Dan & I hadn't really talked about more.  Well, we had, but it was definitely not on our agenda.  But, that weekend, Dan & I prayed over the shirt & put it in my dresser drawer.

Eli continued to pray.  Daily.  For a sister.  2013 came and life continued on as normal.  Dan & I occasionally would talk of more children, but really just felt like it was out of our reach.

But, remember how God had given me scriptures throughout the Elijah process? Well, again, I felt God reminding me...."Be Still...."

Be still and KNOW that I am GOD!  Oh, it t=is so breathtaking to remember this.

And so.....our journey was all in the hands of God and HE was amazing at taking care of us.

to be continued...

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