Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daddy's home!

This morning was absolutely one of the cutest things in the world. Eli didn't automatically come over to our room, instead he was yelling that he had to go to the potty. Dan went to get him & I listened through the monitor. This is what I heard: Daddy: "Good Morning Bub." Eli: "Well, uh..." D: "Let's go potty." E: "Uh, well, uh..." D: "Are you going to hug me?" E: "Yes!"
I didn't think I would ever hear my child speechless, but for that moment he was! On my end that was the most amazing thing to listen to.

After spending some cuddle time together in our bed all of us decided to go out for breakfast. So, once we arrived at IHOP & had ordered the table beside us there were 2 elderly ladies sitting enjoying their morning. Dan & I love to bless others every now & then by paying for their meal. After the women argued with each other whether it should be one check or two we secretly told the waitress that we wanted their check & that they were just to be told it was taken care of & they should have a wonderful day. Oh my goodness, was it FUNNY to listen to them. After they were told, they immediately were complimenting each other on how good they looked today. They were trying to figure out which one of them had the secret admirer or if they both had one. They were literally scoping out the place checking for men who were dining alone. It was so funny. Dan & I smiled & enjoyed our morning meal. Elijah was just so happy to be there with Daddy he didn't even pay attention to anyone else, until we were leaving & then of course he had to tell everyone goodbye. What a blessing breakfast was!

Then...on to a special place to do some hands-on artistic work for Eli. He was making his Nanny's Christmas present. He did a wonderful job & we can't wait to see(know) how Nanny likes her gift. So...for now, that is all we can share about that adventure in our day. Stay tuned for further information on this!

Elijah & Daddy then came home & mowed our grass & weed whacked! It is hard to believe that on November 20th we had to mow the grass! However, today was a beautiful day @ 75 degrees & we were enjoying the weather outside. I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! WOW! Have I mentioned that I LOVE this weather? Because honestly I do NOT miss the cold. I really do miss home, just not the weather. :-)

This evening we busted out the Elf on the Shelf book & magically the elf is going to appear tonight. I will keep you posted on how this goes. We are so excited about Christmas & hoping that Eli will enjoy the Elf.

Tonight was wonderful family time. Thanks to the crock pot dinner was a breeze. This morning I had placed a pork roast in it with bar-b-que sauce & baked beans. Oh my goodness was that ever YUMMY! Then tonight playing & relaxing with our little man! He fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Perfect end to this wonderful day.

Happy National Adoption Day!

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