Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Best

We LOVE Sundays in our family. Not only is it that day that we worship the Lord in church, but it is our family day. We enjoy time together. And that is exactly what we did today! The church that we are fairly certain will become our home church has an early morning service, so today we decided it would be a good day to try out the early service. So, at 9am we were in church. God brought a great message through Pastor Doug. The message was "Giving Thanks' or 'Piggin' Out'?" A great reminder to be thankful in ALL things. He challenged us for this Thanksgiving season to not just have a day of being thankful & forget it. The more we are thankful the more we will have to be thankful for! So true. So important to be reminded. So needed. Wonderful service today! Thanks be to God!

Well, last night I told you about us beginning the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf. So, we read Eli the story last night & told him the story about the Elf. You see, the Elf is out everyday between now & Christmas. His job is to watch the kids (in our case kid) and fly to Santa (with the magic of Christmas) every night & report on how he did for the day. The rule is that kids can't touch the Elf, but they are encouraged to share secrets with him and since he comes back every morning he is always in a new place in the house, so he has to be found every morning. The elf can only talk to Santa & the adults, but can't talk to the kids. Eli was so excited as he hunted for him today. Once he was found Eli has decided to name him Scoot. So, from here on out Scoot will join our family each year around Thanksgiving to start reporting back to Santa. Going to have fun with this. Even after the secret is out that Santa is really mom & dad! ;-)

Eli finding "Scoot"

our famous Scoot

Sugar Cookies...what in the world was I thinking when I signed up to take cookies into Eli's school tomorrow for the Thanksgiving lunch? Oh, yes, I wasn't. I was trying to be helpful since no one else signed up for it. But...thank God Dan was home! LOL. So, it turned into a family affair. Eli helped Dan & I make the cookies. We made pumpkins for tomorrow then we made a bunch of Christmas shapes & placed them in the freezer to decorate in December. Yay!

Today was over 80 degrees here, so we spent lots of time outside with Eli. He played and Dan & I had some time to sit & chat. What a great time! It was refreshing to have the windows open and the fresh air coming throughout the house. Gorgeous. I know at some point this weather will get cooler here, but until then I am going to enjoy each moment.

Dinner conversation tonight...Eli: "Daddy, do you trust God hard?" Daddy: "Yes Eli I trust God, but no I don't have a hard time doing that." E: "I love God. I trust Him." 20 minutes later...Eli: "Mommy, do you trust God hard?" Mommy: "Yes Eli I trust God & sometimes Mommy has a hard time, but God is good & always takes care of us." Eli: "I trust God too mommy." Wow. All Dan & I could do is smile. We love our little man! We are not sure where he came up with that, but we are assuming that he was asking us if we find it hard to trust God. It was interesting to us that he asked each of us 20 minutes apart.

Now my men are both in bed. I am enjoying some quiet time then Dan will be leaving the house at midnight to travel the 7 hours to San Angelo for his work this week. We are praying that he will be able to be home for Thanksgiving & the long weekend, but if not, we will enjoy our week anyhow. God has blessed us & we have so much to be thankful for!

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