Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home Sick

Today was a stay home day. The weather was gorgeous & thankfully Elijah played outside for quite a while today while I cleaned. He was so good for me today. I am so thankful for that.

It has been an emotionally tough day. I really miss home. At one point today I was crying & Eli asked me "What's wrong Mommy?" I told him that I missed PA & my family. He matter of factly just looked at me & said, "It's okay Mommy, they will be here in a couple weeks & then you will be happy." So sweet, even though they won't be here in a couple weeks, it was nice to hear. I really am missing home. My family is all together this year for Thanksgiving & I really wish I were there too. I am thankful for so many things & I won't let it ruin my day tomorrow, but I really am struggling today.

As I was thinking about family today I would like to encourage you all one thing. For many years (and still so) I did what I felt others wanted me to do. Sometimes Holiday get togethers were more of a turmoil for me than a good thing. Today knowing that I miss that togetherness I wish I had done some things differently. I encourage you to spend time with your family. Do things that you know in your heart are what you need to do. Who cares if you make someone mad because you did what you wanted & not what they wanted. If you want to see someone, GO. If you want to help someone, HELP. If you want to encourage someone, DO IT. Don't let the holiday pass you by.

Scoot was found today on the piano. Eli is really liking him. He asked me to read him the Elf on the Shelf book again today. So, I did.

One final thing...having watched the movie Santa Paws with Eli last night I am really dealing with some internal struggles. Please pray for me that God will direct our family in the direction we are to go. We want to be used by Him. We long to serve Him & only Him. Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving. Love your family!

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