Thursday, November 25, 2010


Maddie, Sadie & Eli watching TV
The feeling & sound of laughter is something that is soothing & feels good to the soul. Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have had an amazing day. Dan made our turkey this year. It was sooooo moist & delicious! Good job honey! Our stuffing was delicious! It tasted so close to my mom's! That made me really happy! Sarah & her girls joined us & brought some wonderful sweet potato fluff & delectable Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake. Oh my goodness! Our dinner was complete with baked corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls & some gravy. We had enough food to feed an army & well, we had 3 adults & 2 toddlers eating. Needless to say we have LEFTOVERS. Oh yeah...forgot about the pumpkin pie too. LOL. Elijah had watched Dan put the Turkey in the roaster this morning. About 20 minutes after he put it in there Eli asked..."Daddy, is the chicken done yet?" I think Eli asked about the turkey (chicken in his mind) being done so many times we couldn't help but laugh.

80 degree day is a pretty spectacular Thanksgiving day in my opinion. Eli & Maddie were able to play outside for a while & enjoyed some time in the warmth. I personally enjoyed being able to wear short sleeves today. My niece Sarah however, willed the cold weather by wearing a sweater. Well, by the time she left this evening it was rainy & getting chilly. It is now 55 degrees outside. It is to get a little colder this evening. I'm just thankful it is not snowing. we had so much laughter in this house it was fantastic! Eli & Maddie played well together for the most part (aside from the normal loving tats). They played the piano together which was adorable & they just enjoyed the day. It was so wonderful listening to them say Happy Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, us adults...yup, we laughed & laughed & laughed some more. I'm not even sure we were always aware of what we were laughing at. Although one thing that caused laughter...we have been trying to get Eli to keep his toys out of the kitchen (mainly because I'm tired of stepping on them in there), well...all day...I kept asking him, please keep your toys in the living room. While we were eating dinner this evening Eli had toys in the kitchen. I looked at him & asked...Eli, how many times have I asked you to keep your toys out of the kitchen? He just looked at me & said..."Three!" Oh My Goodness...I BUSTED...okay WE all cracked up. I did get the toys out of the kitchen, but oh my.

Scoot....Eli & Maddie realized that they both have an elf. Maddie was so excited to see Pyga at Aunt Beppie's house. Pyga is the name of her elf. Well....Eli all of the sudden decided that he wanted to have his named Pyga. Thankfully Sarah came to the rescue & explained that Pyga & Scoot were probably brothers & maybe even twins! Eli was content with that answer. Scoot didn't have much activity today. He just watched the good & bad behavior and I'm sure has some exciting stuff to share with Santa tonight. I just hope he is listening to me too...Santa needs to know what mommy wants for Christmas! Hopefully Santa can deliver! ;-)

All in all my first Thanksgiving in TX was great. I am so thankful that I was here with my men & that Sarah, Maddie & Sadie could join us for today. We are so blessed. We had a great day! We lacked for NOTHING! So, that is a wonderful day!

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