Tuesday, November 23, 2010


First of all let me just tell you that I really enjoy sleep & when I don't get much...well, I usually get to a point that I am rough. Well, yesterday was a full day & a great one, so last night I was exhausted. Eli was in bed & asleep by 7:30. I was in bed & asleep by 10. At 11 Eli cried. I went to him & calmed him down, gave him a drink of water & turned on his music. By 11:30 Eli was in my bed with me (he came over). Fine, as long as we both sleep I don't mind if he is with me. At 11:45 Eli to me: "Mommy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pee in my pants. Mommy, I'm sorry I didn't mean to pee in my pants." Over & over again. Yup, you got it. He wet himself. Thankfully he was telling me this as it was happening, so I got him out of bed quick enough that only a little bit was on my bed. Thank God!!! So, cleaned him up, put on a pull up & back to bed we went. Only to have him awake for 30 mins. Then 2am..."Mommy, can you turn the TV on?" No Eli, there is nothing on...it is still way dark outside. "Mommy, I'm hungry." I guess you should have thought about that before you didn't eat much supper Eli. "Can I have milk mommy." No Eli...go to sleep. 4am..."Mommy, please turn the TV on." No Eli...GO TO SLEEP! 5am...same question. I gave up & got him milk. 6am...I was so tired I turned the TV on so I could sleep. What a night! Or better yet...lack of sleep night. Hoping tonight is better.

Today was play date day with our friends Julie & her son Garner. Originally the plan was to go to the Zoo, but there was a chance of thunderstorm all day. When we woke this morning it was raining, so on to plan B. Play date at Jumpalooza. They opened at 10, so we were there shortly there after. We (the 4 of us) were the only ones in the place for close to an hour. It was so much fun. The great thing is...mom's can be a kid too! It was a wonderful time & a good work out!!!! I love that place & so does Eli.

In the car after a trip to HEB (our grocery here that is AMAZING) Eli had been acting up at the register. He was so crazy. As being tired normally dictates. So, when we were in the car I told Eli he was acting so yucky. I explained about how that is not appreciated. He then tells me..."Mommy, skunks are yucky. I won't be a skunk." Oh my goodness, I almost busted out laughing. I didn't though. I just told him skunks are yucky & he was being skunky. Whatever it takes to get through his little big mind.

Scoot Update: Today he showed up on the mug tree. Eli spotted him right away this morning. I told him that Scoot told me that Santa asked him to get some clarification on the BIG car issue. Eli looked at me as if I had no clue telling me..."Mommy, a car like the big kids drive that I can mow the grass with." WHAT?! Okay, so my thought is he is wanting a car/tractor like his cousin Owen. Not really thinking this Santa is going to be doing that this year, but hey, a kid can dream, right? Scoot has been working wonderfully though. He told Scoot that he was sorry he acted skunky. LOL I had to bite my lip.

I had been chatting with my niece & her daughter Maddie has a Twilight Turtle. It shines stars so to have some light at night. Well, we had tried a night light with Eli, but it had too much light & actually kept him awake. So, I talked to Eli this afternoon & asked him what the issue was with sleeping. He told me, "well, it's kinda scary in the dark." Yup, he's afraid of the dark. So, off we went to Toys 'R Us. Eli picked out a Twilight Ladybug. HE LOVES IT. Bedtime tonight was a breeze. No rocking, no crying, no whining, just the ladybug & Eli in bed looking at the stars. He even prayed differently tonight. "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sleep. Amen." He then told me that is how Bob the tomato prays. Ahhh...smile to my face! I hope this works!

The best news of the day...Dan WILL be home for Thanksgiving & the weekend. HOW exciting is that?! So...we will have Thanksgiving as a family with Sarah & her girls. I am sooooo excited! What a great blessing that is! Praise the Lord for his blessings! Also, we will continue our tradition & put the tree up this weekend. Woo Hoo!!!!

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