Monday, December 13, 2010


Although the night was rough & not much sleep was had, today was wonderful! When we got to the school today Eli put his stuff down & walked right into class. No hesitation, no crying, no stalling, nothing, but a disappearing boy. Literally I turned around & he was gone. So nice! Then when I picked him up he told me that he had so much fun at school today! YAY!!! What a great day! Thursday they will have their Christmas party & then he will be done until the new year. I am also so happy that he is making new friends. He talks about Seth & Tristan all the time & the teacher told me today that he & Seth are best buds. Double Yay!!!

On my journey today I had a coupon for Toys R Us to save $15 if you spent $150...well, I knew that I didn't need $150 worth of stuff, but I thought I would stop & see if I could find anyone with a cart full of toys to give it to. Well, I did. I saw this older couple shopping & they had 2 shopping carts full! I am not sure if they were grandparents or what...they had a list that they were checking things off of, so I asked them if they could use the coupon. They were so appreciative. The lady was so excited about it. I left the store empty handed, but my heart was full.

Scoot...tonight as I was rocking Eli he was watching Scoot (who was on the TV today). I asked him what he was doing...Eli smiled, "I'm watching Scoot get ready to fly to Santa because I'm tired." cute.

Christmas...I really think Eli is going to be so much fun this year. I don't think he really understands about what will happen on Christmas day. Today we received a package from Nanny & Poppy that had some gifts for him. So, we put them under the tree. He was so excited because there was more than 1. Oh the child is going to light up on Christmas morning. I can't wait!!! His favorite bed time songs right now are Santa Claus is Coming to Town & Away in the Manager.

12 more days!!!

Happy Birthday to Dan's sister Sandy! We love you.


  1. Beth, I do enjoy reading your blog. Things seem to be getting down to normal for you all. Just want to let you all know we love you and we will get there sometime. I just don't know when.


  2. Thanks Dale! I'm glad you do. We are trying to get to normal! Love you & would love to have you visit sometime.