Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gum & Joy

Gum. My son is addicted to gum. He LOVES gum. He constantly wants gum. So, Saturday morning after breakfast I was doing some cleaning & Eli was outside playing came in & wanted gum, so no harm. Well, he came in a little later & was playing in his room. I finished cleaning & told him I was going to shower. While I was in the precious little man showed up with gum all over him. Oh what a joyous occasion in the Davis household. Needless to say, he won't be having gum for a while. :-)

However, speaking of gum...while we were on our way to the grocery story Saturday afternoon Eli was talking to me about Pennsylvania. He pronounces it Pennstavainya. He asked me if Mamma & Pappa were on their way to us. I told him not yet...well...he said, they are going to come & Mamma will have gum! HAHAHA....He was plotting already.

Today Eli was ready to go to church. When we got to the church he saw a boy getting dropped off & going into the church. (I would say the boy was probably 12 or so). Well, as soon as we parked Eli informed me that he could go to his class by himself & I didn't need to take him because he is a big kid. I chuckled but told him I had to take him & check him in. Well, as soon as he got his name tag put on his back, he turned, smiled at me & said, "Bye Mom!" Hmmmm, I hope he continues to be this comfortable.

So, today in Church...Advent week #3. Joy. Hallelujah the Savior is born! We also learned this week to "Worship Fully, Give More." You know we can give even when it is not monetary giving. However, we are a blessed people. Did you know that Americans only make up 5% of the population however, we use 24% of the energy. Also...Americans use on average 159 gallons of water daily per person while the REST OF THE WORLD uses 25 gallons daily per person. WOW. That is astounding to me. We were encouraged today to think of the needy, not the greedy. God created us to be satisfied when giving as He gives. Hmmm...when we give we will be satisfied. Wow. Acts 20:35 (GWT) "We should remember the words that the Lord Jesus said, "Giving gifts is more satisfying than receiving them." So, this year we are all encouraged to look at where & who we can help. Maybe it is our chance to hug someone to make their day brighter, or send a card to someone we know needs a smile, or ask someone to go out for a cup of coffee...or...maybe you can financially bless someone. Think about it. We complain about so much when we have so much. Just sayin'. I'm talking to myself too. Anyhow...once again, blessed by the service.

So...I can't believe Christmas is 13 days away. It was 75 degrees here on Saturday so it feels a little odd that it's December. I am enjoying it though, can't lie. Eli keeps talking about Snow...another thing he said that Mamma & Pappa would bring with them is some snow. I told him they can't do that, but hey....Pappa...can you help a kid out?! LOL.

Hope you have a great week!

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