Friday, December 10, 2010


5:45 AM may be a reasonable wake up time for some of you, but for some reason this body...this mind...this soul...this woman...doesn't particularly like being up that early. I am a night owl & for as long as I can remember I have been. In fact, I remember sneaking out of bed & sitting on the bed at night listening to my mom & dad talk in the kitchen, especially when we were having Revival at the church & we had an evangelist staying at our house. Oh, those were the days. Sometimes, I would just lay in my bed & read & read & read. I loved books & still do so that was my time to go through books after books. Anyhow...I'll stop rambling...I have enjoyed late nights. It is true though, that I would rather get up & get my day going so I can enjoy the rest of the day, but only on MY terms. LOL (ie...I was the college student that CHOSE 8 am classes).

Anyhow...last night I decided to tell Elijah that he couldn't get up until the sun was up. So, I told him if he was up & noticed the sun wasn't that meant he should be sleeping & he needed to wait until the sun woke up to get up. So, this morning at 5:45 (like clockwork) I hear him. He comes over to my bed...and he tells me: "Mommy, the sun isn't up, but I am." I told him he needed to go back to his room until the sun was up. So, he did. At first I thought, whew, that was easy...HAHAHA...Well, sunrise today was at 7:06 AM. We all know that it starts getting light out before that. So...for the next 25 mins this is what I heard:

E: "Mommy, the sun is starting to wake up."--1 min later

E: "Mommy, it's getting light outside." --next min

E: "Mommy, I have to pee..." --1 min after I laid back down

E: "Mommy, I think the sun opened his eyes..." -next min

E: "Mommy, is it time to wake up?!" --Next min

E: "Mommy, I have to go poop!"

After that...he went back to his room & until finally at 6:20ish I let him come over to watch TV. Wow.

My son has energy. Energy is sometimes a polite way of putting misbehaving too. For the most part his energy is good. I like that he has energy. Sometimes! I'm trying to learn how to handle good energy that turns into bad energy in a very short amount of time. We try to keep him moving & occupied to rid of energy, but some days, the more we rid, the more he has. So...we will keep chugging through this wonderful energetic stage! :-)

Today I received a beautiful surprise. Our family dearly misses our "kids" in PA. Tonight we were smiling because our youth sent us a gorgeous wreath! Thank you all so very much! We appreciate your thoughtfulness & it really brightened up our door.

Our beautiful wreath on our door

Scoot---still have been enjoying the fun. Today I laughed as I was "talking" to Scoot giving him some information to give "Santa" & Eli crawled up in front of Scoot (who is on the lamp today) and covered his eyes so he couldn't see me. He was very careful not to touch him, but oh my what a sight! Classic!

15 more days until Christmas!

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